What’s the best detox diet

Detoxify Your Body the Safe, Non-chemical, and Natural Way!

A detox diet, is a short duration diet that is designed to remove toxins and impurities from the body. Although the body has a natural ability to detoxify itself, environmental variables and even stress can cause the body to lose some of it's natural detoxifying abilities. This can lead to many health problems as the toxins build up in the system and cause strain on the liver, kidneys, bowels and eventually the whole body. Many of these toxins are produced by the highly processed and artificially flavor enhanced foods that many people have become so dependent upon in many of the westernized countries.

A good detox diet can help your body rid itself of this excess build up of toxins. This can relieve many of the most common negative health effects such as bloating, headaches, concentration problems, mood disorders, some allergies, stress, and increase overall energy and vitality. Essentially when you detox your system, you repair some, or even most, of the damage that is caused by toxic build up. You avoid such common issues such as weight gain, premature aging, and may even prevent certain cancers. But now that you know the benefits to a good detox diet, what are some of the safer and more natural methods by which you can help your body remove the excess toxins that have built up over the years due to poor diet, lack of exercise and even just plain aging? Read on for more details!

The first method is quite simple; increase your intake of naturally occurring vitamin C. It is important to get your vitamin C from natural sources, as well as all your other vitamins and minerals, through natural food sources, simply because these are what your body has been adapted to absorb and use. The best source is lemon juice. It is a natural source and has been known for centuries to benefit the body and aid the liver in removing many toxins that can accumulate from simple daily living. It does this by helping your liver convert toxins into a digestible form, which can be flushed out of your system naturally. Starting your day with a warm glass of lemon and water is a wonderful way to add this vital detoxifying vitamin to your diet.

Another beneficial and naturally occurring detoxifying food is garlic. Many cultures have known about the benefits of garlic and have even created many myths and legends to help them understand. This was done before the current scientific age to explain why this food source and natural flavoring is so beneficial. The scientific reason for why garlic is so helpful in detoxifying the body is because garlic stimulates the liver into producing essential enzymes that break down many toxins in the body. Adding a few slices of fresh garlic to your main meals is a perfect way to take advantage of this helpful food.

You may have hated them as a child, but broccoli sprouts are yet another beneficial food that can help your body remove many harmful chemicals. This is due to the young sprouts' ability to stimulate the detoxifying enzymes produced in the digestive system. Oddly enough, it is the young vegetable that has the most beneficial detoxifying qualities.

Less commonly known, at least in most western regions of the world, are the benefits of sea vegetables. Sea vegetables such as many types of seaweed and the most commonly known in some northern European countries like dulse, are natural detoxifiers. Other forms of sea vegetables such as the many forms of free-floating and rooted seaweed, actually act similar to how a water softener works in removing the hardening minerals in water. This is mostly done in the bowels, your body's last line of defense against excess toxin build up. An added benefit to sea vegetables is that they contain high levels of the body's most necessary nutrients vitamins and minerals, and grow prolifically.

Before you bash borscht, consider the natural detoxifying advantages to the common beet. They are full of B vitamins, beta-carotene and the already previously covered detoxifying vitamin; vitamin C. The high levels of fiber found in the common beet are an excellent way to aid digestion and increase overall bowel function. Fiber that keeps you regular and doesn't allow fecal matter to build up in the bowels and give toxins time to be reabsorbed by the body is key to detox.

Believe it or not, the common dandelion, well known in American lawns as a pest, can be your best friend when attempting to detox the body. This is because of the large amount of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are considered super antioxidants, and antioxidants block and remove many free radicals; a major contributor to cellular damage and thus premature aging and cancers. Just don't attempt to harvest them from your own lawn, or even worse, your neighbor’s lawn; as these may have been sprayed by chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The goal is to detoxify, not ingest extra amounts of some of the very toxins you are trying to remove from your system.

Old fashioned green tea has been known for years to be a good source of the antioxidant agents. The specific antioxidants known as cetichins are what give the green tea leaf these beneficial detoxifying abilities, and are known to increase liver function while helping the body rid itself of harmful chemicals and poisons. A nice cup of green tea without refined sugar is a great way to start your detoxifying day.

Last of all, and yet another less commonly known, but naturally occurring detoxifying food is the mung bean. Despite sounding like a villain from the old Flash Gordon serials of yesteryear, this highly digestible bean is a “good guy”, and has been known for thousands of years to Ayurvedic doctors to benefit the body. It accomplishes this by removing the toxins from the sides of the intestinal walls which can build up in the mucus and other residues of the human bowels over time. 


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