What MMA Gear Should Beginners Buy?

You won't need any special clothing if you're taking a jiu-jitsu or kickboxing lesson each week. A shirt and jogging pants are fine for casual trainees, but if you want to step up and become a real MMA fighter, you'll have to purchase real MMA gear for both you and your opponent's protection. To begin with a basic MMA training equipment doesn't require you be present in a designer clothes or gear or spend a huge amount. You are making a good investment with going to a gym, so make sure it is a good one.

A good fitness center should have an MMA trainer that is certified in special sessions, or one who has already fought in at least a dozen matches. While a good MMA gym charges a monthly fee that includes all your training, from strength training to Muay Thai yet some other gyms charge a flat fee and then you will have to pay extra for extra classes. Aside from the usual shirt and shorts, it would be a wise investment to purchase a few protective guards. Design or appearance should be second only in comfort and quality in terms of considerations. Wearing a rash guard is better than a t-shirt because it will not soak up your own sweat and will repel the sweat coming from your opponent.

A rash guard will be able to protect the body more efficiently and isn't prone to tears or marks, with fight shorts being better for high angle kicking and maneuvers. Remember, protecting yourself is important, so don't skimp on a goof pair of gloves, whether they're for MMA or for standard boxing. MMA gloves are great for protecting both the user and his opponent when boxing, but doesn't restrict movement when grabbing or grappling. They are available to cover your thumbs or not, but if your thumb is free bouts can go much better.

A high quality pair of gloves will have evenly spaced stitches all throughout the corners. Shin guards are an important piece of protective equipment, but you will need MMA pads, unless most of your training is focused on Muay Thai This martial art can utilize specialized pads for protection of knees, shins, ankles, or insteps. It's wise to begin with MMA pads and later get the Muay Thai equipment as you gain experience. Your trainer can advise you to buy the right kind of protective equipments and after you become an expert mouth guard and a head gear also becomes a necessity. The sparring headgear will help to protect you from head injury when you get aggressive in the ring. A single mouth guard that costs $5 or less is advisable than a thick double mouth guard to protect the mouthpiece.

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