CMV: What It Is And Who's In Danger

Cytomegalovirus, also typically identified as CMV, is a viral infection that may not cause any kind of signs and symptoms at all. Anybody can get this virus or perhaps be a carrier without knowing it. The only time that a CMV infection typically creates a problem is when the individual has an immune system that's weaker than normal for some reason. In healthy children and adults this kind of infection is usually nothing to be worried about, and a lot of people are infected with this virus without knowing this fact.

The estimates for infection with Cytomegalovirus is high. It's estimated that by age 40 at least 50% of the population will probably have this virus inside their body, and some estimate the true figure is closer to 80%. This is actually a virus that doesn't get cleared completely from the system, and the virus will remain dormant in the body for life. In some cases certain things may trigger the CMV to activate once again, and whilst this may not cause symptoms the person may be able to infect others.

Whenever an infection by the Cytomegalovirus does cause symptoms in healthy people these symptoms are typically mild and non permanent. The person may acquire some mild body aches, a fever might be present, and a sore throat may be observed. These are typically the extent of the viral symptoms for people who have a strong immune system. Anybody whose immune system is poor could possibly be affected much worse though.

If an individual is infected with this virus and their immune system is affected or weakened then the symptoms and result may be much different. The virus could attack various body tissues and organs, and can trigger life threatening symptoms that could be deadly. This is particularly true in newborn infants, younger kids, and elderly adults. Among the quickest ways that this virus is spread is in daycare settings and school surroundings, exactly where children are packed close with each other in small areas and spaces.

Anybody who has the Cytomegalovirus on their body may not aware of it. Often the presence of this virus is found when testing is carried out, and anybody who has never been infected will still show symptoms of the virus in the blood and body tissues for the rest of their life.

Only people who have a weak immune system are usually in danger from this type of infection, and for many there might be no sign that they have a viral infection simply because no symptoms were encountered. Click here to know more More information.


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