Extend Your Life With Exercise

As we get older exercise becomes more of a challenge even while becoming more important. Long gone is the idea that simply because we turn a certain age, we should no longer be interested in exercising both mind and body. Age appropriate exercises are important to staying healthy both physically and mentally. Keeping yourself physically active keeps the heart working and the blood flowing which is never a bad thing at all. Below are some ways you can stay fit no matter how old you are.

First of all, consult with your doctor before you begin any fitness regime. Especially if it has been years since you last exercised regularly, a quick doctor visit can help to set guidelines and expectations. If you do not consult with a doctor, you could wind up seriously hurting yoursel

Start off at a slow pace. Get used to working out. Keep in mind that you aren't 20 anymore. Just like anything else worthwhile getting back into "shape" is going to take time and some dedication. As your body gets used to being exercised you can start to give yourself more challenges and pick up the pace a bit.

A very good tip is to choose exercises that you enjoy doing. If you spend your exercise period doing whatever it is you enjoy, the time will pass fater and you will get more out of it.Are you a walker at heart? Enjoy a swimming pool? Or maybe you love riding a bike. What you like isn't the point, getting active and working your heart is. Pick one or a variety of exercises you feel comfortable doing.

Schedule your exercises for the time of day when you have the most energy. Again, the time of day or what you are doing isn't nearly as important is simply doing whatever it is you like at the time of day that works best for you. When you exercise at your personal energy peak you will get more out of the exercising you are doing and that is not a bad thing at all.

Measure your progress with some goals. It isn't a bad idea to plan out your exercise goals for each month to give yourself a challenge to overcome.

Now that you are exercising you are going to have to remember to stay hydrated. When you are sure you are well hydrated you are going to find that you have a lot more energy and don't suffer from muscle cramps nearly as frequently.

Keep in mind that is isn't reasonable to expect to have the strength and fitness now that you did back then. It is a biological fact that our muscles and bones change as we age. Even if you were never an exercise buff starting now is going to do you a world of good.

Being fit is a life long process and exercise plays a big, but not the only, part. When you can stop by http://century21fitness.com and read more about how to stay fit and healthy in this 21st century.


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