Simple Ways To Protect Your Health And Lengthen Your Life

Health is the most important thing you've got. Sadly, most of us don't realize this until it's in danger of slipping away. When our health is good, we ignore it, and contribute to its demise. However, by taking some steps today, we can dramatically prolong our lives and enjoy them more.

Before we get into it, some people say that they won't do these things because they will take away the "pleasures" of life. Which would you rather have, an enjoyable life filled with thrills and excitement, that ends at age fifty or so, or a life filled with much subtler pleasures that lasts until eighty or ninety?

One of the most important things is to get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep is directly or indirectly responsible for a host of illnesses. Increased stress, a weakened immune system, and less than clear thinking. The simplest, easiest and most rewarding thing you can do to dramatically prolong your life would be to simply go to sleep an hour earlier each night.

The next thing to conquer is stress. Even if you're getting plenty of sleep, stress can still build up and wreak havoc in your life. Do a bit of meditation, deep breathing, or simply mentally "check out" for five minutes a day or so. Look out the window, look at some trees. Do something to get your mind off work.

Another important thing is to watch what you eat. Sure, it feels great to gobble down a plate of bacon, some doughnuts, and chase it with a soda, but how long does that pleasure last? Is it worth lethargic feelings that come later? Is it worth the open heart surgery you'll eventually need? Instead, eat some fruit and nuts. You'll grow to love the taste, and you'll live a lot longer.

Exercise is also important. Unless you are a budding triathlete, don't worry about spending hours in the gym. Just taking a walk for thirty minutes, every other day, is perfect for your health. This will also do wonders for your self esteem and self confidence.

Naturally, you'll need to check in with your doctor at least once a year just to make sure everything is OK. Blood pressure, cholesterol and other system checks are important. If you do most of the above things like getting enough sleep and getting enough exercise, you shouldn't have any problems staying in tip top shape.

Staying healthy is easy when you have the right insurance plan. Check with your doctor today to find out what's best for you.


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