How To Get Rid Of Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally At Home

Like a lady of child bearing age, you are at risk of bacterial vaginosis or as other people contact it BV. This can be a bacterial infection that may be stubborn and affects the vagina. It manifests in type of inflamed vagina due to excess proliferation, unpleasant odor, whitish or gray discharge, itching and occasionally even discomfort during sexual intercourse. No doubt, each one of these can be disturbing and embarrassing but you'd find relief in the event you uncover how you can cure bacterial vaginosis naturally.

2 natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis

There are so many medical options that are prescribed for treatment of BV but these only work for a short time. Sooner than later, the symptoms recur and this is what makes the ordeal more disturbing. However, as you will discover below, we shall highlight how to cure bacterial vaginosis naturally in two ways that have proven to be very effective. You don't have to suffer the pain, discomfort and embarrassment any longer.

Yogurt cures BV naturally

Unflavoured yogurt is not just sweet but healthy. It can prove to be the relief you have been looking for all this while for your bacterial vaginosis problem. The unflavoured yogurt contains useful bacteria cultures that will assist your immune system to fight BV. The yogurt will also ensure that you have well balanced bacteria in your vaginal cavity. What you need to use this natural cure for BV, you would simply soak tampon in the unflavoured yogurt and insert it in your vagina for some 2 hours. If you do this thrice a week, you will successfully get rid of BV naturally. Alternatively, you can make arrangement to take a glass of unflavoured yogurt at least once a day.

Herbal treatment for BV

Herbal treatments are also natural because they do not have any chemicals or modifications in them. They can be a great way to cure bacterial vaginosis too for those who are suffering. Recommended herbal cures for BV include tea tree oil and garlic. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties while garlic has anti-microbial properties.

You can soak a tampon in tea tree oil and insert in your vagina for hours or you can add tea tree oil to your bath water and sit in the water for at least 45 minutes. For garlic, you can make it a habit to include garlic in your diet or you can take natural garlic supplement. Now you know how to cure bacterial vaginosis naturally, you should use these remedies to end your woes.

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