The Water Diet

The water diet sounds like a terrible experience, and it probably is. In fact, I know it is and I've only done it for approximately 36 hours before I caved. But the benefits of this diet can be absolutely incredible for those who feel that they are unhealthy, or even developing unhealthy habits.

Caution: do not try this without consulting with your doctor.

The water diet, or sometimes referred to as the water fast, can be a very difficult process for most people, although the health benefits of the fast can be extremely rewarding for those who stick to it.

There are various ways to go about the water diet. This guy went for 6 days and dropped 17 pounds, had less pain and even had healthier skin. But some may tell you that you should try 3-4 weeks with just water.

Water fasting is sometimes referred to as a detox diet, as you're removing toxins from your system and allowing your body to regenerate its immune system as well.

"But don't you lose muscle?" 

There is a possibility of losing muscle while sparing protein, but your metabolism eventually slows down during longer-term fasts. On top of that, physical activities should be minimized for safety reasons, so this helps protect muscle from breaking down.

In the end you need to make sure that you are taking precautions to not overdo things. Keep it simple at first. Try it for a day and see how you feel. If you feel the need to, take a multivitamin. Make sure you drink enough water, but not too much water. We do not want to become sick or worse.

Working out lightly is acceptable, but remember that you do not have a lot of nutrients in your system to replenish your cells for energy like you do with food. Lighter workouts of 15 minutes is OK.

1. Consult with a Doctor to make sure that fasting is okay for you to do.

2. Weigh yourself and take measurements of your stomach, chest, thighs and anywhere else you feel the need to. Write this information down.

3. When you feel hungry make sure you drink plenty of water. Do your best not to think of food or watch TV as there will be plenty of food commercials on.

4. Go day by day, but have big enough goals to see real health benefits.

5. Track your progress each day. Weigh and measure, then write it down.

6. When you go back to a normal diet be sure to not eat regular food yet. Start with juices and work your way up slowly. Eating a lot of food after a fast will backfire.


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