Should I Use eHealthInsurance to Apply for Health Insurance?

In order to make an informed decision concerning whether or not you should use eHealthInsurance to apply for health insurance you need to know facts about them. There are many places on the World Wide Web that offer you quotes for health insurance. What makes one particular site better than the rest?

This is the main question you need to ask yourself.  There are other things you should consider as well such as the history of the company and their customer satisfaction policies.

About eHealthInsurance

eHealthInsurance is one of the leading sources for health insurance companies. They help families and businesses find the best health insurance policies for their money and with their needs in mind.eHealthInsurance has a way of communicating complex information that is understandable to all.

Their goal is to provide you with information that is user-friendly, objective, research enabling, comparison friendly, that gives you an accurate analysis so you can purchase the health insurance that is best for you.

eHealthInsurance is licensed to sell and market health insurance to the District of Columbia and all fifty states in the United States. They can offer you quotes and information from up to one hundred and eighty companies that specialize in health insurance.When they offer you information you can feel assured that it is on platform of professional relations with a multitude of health insurance carriers.

This allows them to give you swift quotes with fast approval rates.  You can be assured that you will be represented by and experience communication that is real-time between you and the health insurance carrier via eHealthInsurance representatives.

eHealthInsurance was founded in the year 1997 when technology became responsible for one of the first internet-based health insurance policies. It is their job to give you all of the information possible on health insurance policies so you can choose a company that suits the needs for your family or even your business.eHealthInsurance has a customer care center in place for those that have questions or needs that should be addressed. They make sure to open every available avenue of communication such as online chat, phone, fax and email. 

eHealthInsurance’s Customer Promise

eHealthInsurance has gone to the extent to provide a customer care promise that outlines exactly what they offer you and how well they stand behind their promise. Below are the promises outlined by eHealthInsurance.This extensive list is sure to please even the pickiesthealth insurance consumer. 

1.     They Are Your Advocate – Dealing with claims can be difficult.  eHealthInsurance will assist you and walk you through the process whenever you need help.

2.     They Offer the Best Prices – Health insurance prices are fixed according to the law.  eHealthInsurance guarantees you the lowest prices available.

3.     They Have the Largest Selection of Agencies – eHealthInsurance offers thousands of plans from up to one hundred and eighty companies so you can count on finding quality plans that meet all of your needs.

4.     They Are Always Available – No matter the time of day or night, eHealthInsurance is there for you via email, online chat, phone or fax, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

5.     No Hidden Fees – eHealthInsurance guarantees not to add any extra fees for their services.

6.     Unbiased Advise and Attention – You will only receive the most professional and unbiased services that will help you make the right choices concerning the policies offered.

7.     Easy to Understand and Simple – eHealthInsurance wants to give you the easiest information to understand. They have tools that will aid you in understand their services and the policies that they offer.  Features include:

·      Applications that Are Online

·      Fast and Efficient Processing with eApproval

·      Reviews by Customers

·      Help Finding a Plan by Your Doctor

·      Selection Advisors for Your Online Plan

·      Comparison Tools for Side by Side Viewing of Policies

All of the services offered by eHealthInsurance have you, the customer in mind. It is easy to see why you would want to use their services. They have a comprehensive website that will give you any possible information you need in order to make a valid decision concerning the future of your health insurance coverage. Below is a list of the types of plans they help you find that could possibly help you.

·      eCommerce Solutions

·      HMO Plans

·      PPO Plans

·      Health Insurance

·      Maternity Coverage

·      Medicare

·      Dental

·      Short Term Coverage

·      Student Health Insurance

·      Family Health Insurance

·      Individual Health Insurance

They follow up all of these plans with the services listed below.

·      Mobile Service

·      Health Insurance Company Lists

·      How to Find a Doctor

·      Medical Plans Offered by State

·      Customer Service

·      Bi-lingual Services

Once you have read all the information about eHealthInsurance you will see that they offer comprehensive health insurance information and make themselves available to you for questions or concerns. Representatives are ready to speak with you and answer your questions any time you need them. Their customer service is among the leading online health insurance companies that help you comparison shop. 

How Fees Work With eHealthInsurnace

Every service that eHealthInsurance offers you is available for use with no extra costs.  You do not have to pay a fee directly to eHealthInsurance.  The fees are paid by the health insurance companies that use their services, as well.  These fees are paid via commissions which are built into the premium amounts.

How Is My Private Information Protected?

It is important to know whether your private information is going to be protected or not.  When you apply for health insurance online, a lot of your private information will be used to fill out necessary forms. You want the satisfaction of feeling like your private information is safe and not readily available for just anyone to view. 

eHealthInsurance plays the part of your health insurance agent. They offer supreme protection for any information you provide. They have a regulation in place that states that they will not share, trade or give anyone your private information with the exception of the companies that are specifically involved in the process of your individual health insurance quote. You are assured that the top technology is in place where security is concerned. 

The largest privacy organization on the World Wide Web has given them the seal of approval.  eHealthInsurance’s privacy policy is available for review, as well. It is your duty as the customer to make yourself familiar with all of this information. Feel free to ask them questions if you feel your security may be breeched.

The Main Reasons You Should Use eHealthInsurance to Apply for Insurance

There are many reasons why eHealthInsurance is proven to be a reputable online company for health insurance comparisons and purchases. You are given the best of both worlds, the help of an agent that feels like your friend and neighbor, and the leading comprehensive source for online health insurance. Some of the main reasons why they are the best are as follows:

·      They Have a Broad Selection – eHealthInsurance is an agency, not a company therefore they can pull from a number of health insurance companies to help you compare rates and find the best policies. 

·      They Have the Best Prices – Every state files and regulates the price of health insurance in their area by following regulations set by the Department of Insurance. This is taken into consideration and used by eHealthInsurance to find you the best rates in your state.  It is no different than buying directly from your local insurance company with the exception that you have a better chance of finding lower rates with eHealthInsurnace.

·      They Process Quotes Swiftly – You are promised fast and efficient service that is submitted electronically and signed this way as well. This eliminates trips into an insurance office to sign documents in triplicate. You will not have to mail in any documentation either. Overall, this reduces the amount of time it takes to get you insured.


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