What Are the Best Health Insurance Companies?

There are a variety of health insurance companies, but some have more customers and make much more money with better benefits then others. Here are some of the best health insurance companies.

BlueCross BlueShield

A veritable Health Institution for 83 years and providing coverage for 100 million people. BlueCross BlueShield has been a reliable, consistent health insurance company for more than 8 decades, and is comprised of 38 independent and locally operated companies. BlueCross BlueShield is contracted with more then 96% of hospitals and 91% of healthcare providers nationwide.

BlueCross BlueShield operates in more then 170 countries around the world. They offer some of the most cost-effective health insurance premiums in the world. They have both a Standard and Basic option. When you choose the Standard option you can use both Non-preferred and Preferred providers.

Keep in mind that your out of pocket expenses are lower when you choose preferred providers. Standard option has $20 copay for primary care appointments and $30 for specialists. There’s also a Preferred Retail pharmacy program and a preferred mail service drug program.

The basic option has $25 primary care copays and a $35 specialist copayment. You do not need a referral to see a specialist and you will also have access to the preferred retail pharmacy program.


Aetna was first founded in 1850 and has been providing quality health insurance ever since.It has a wide range of available medical benefits. Aetna was a pioneer in full service insurance to offer people consumer-directed health plans. It has more than 18,029 million medical insurance members, 13,590 dental insurance customers and 8.661 million prescription members.

This company provides over 1 million health care professionals, more then 582,000 primary care doctors and specialists and more then 4,500 hospitals. Aetna offers a vast array of services and programs that help to control increasing employee benefit costs; they also take constant measure to improve the quality of health care such as disease management, patient safety programs, case management, dental, integrated medical, behavioral health, pharmaceutical and disability information.


Humana health insurance allows you to find the right medical treatment for any unforeseen illness without having to pay the full cost for you treatments. Humana offer various plans for you to choose from, they make it so that when you or a family member who is also ensure is sick you can got to the nearest participating health care facility and be treated and you pay lower rates though will most likely have to make a co-payment.

Depending on your location Humana can offer you a variety of plans such as Autograph, Monogram, Portrait and the Annual Max plan, each has their own monthly cost, annual deductible and restrictions and on some plans you will pay a separate deductible for prescriptions. Humana can provide you with more flexibility and give you more control over your own health needs.

There are plenty of Health Insurance companies to choose from, do some research and make sure you pick the right one for you. 


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