EECP Therapy – Your heart’s most reliable friend

Heart diseases are a nightmare for most. Earlier it was thought to be limited to patients only beyond 60 years of age. The limit was reduced to 40 a couple of years back. However, the present day scenario indicates that heart problems can occur even at 20. More than the disease, it is the treatment which is a headache for most people around the world.

The pain of angioplasty or bypass surgeries become a horror even before it has actually taken place. However, with the new non-surgical EECP Therapy at one’s disposal, patients can now relax in peace. EECP, that is, Enhanced External Counter Pulsation, is extremely effective in treating chest pain in general and heart failures in particular.

Currently, EECP is an approved mode of treating heart patients in countries like the United States of America and United Kingdom. It was developed in as early as the 1950s but took quite some time to gain acceptance into the mainstream of medical treatment. Since then, EECP has always been a better alternative as the process does not require one’s body to undergo any sort of pain – be it a surgery or even a minor needle prick. The maximum pain that a patient has to endure is probably a minor pain in the legs and the back.

There are no strict medicine courses before or after the process. In fact, as all the major risk factors are cut down to a minimum, this process is the easiest and safest one available.  Statistics show that survival rates are as high as 88%. The entire process is quite cost-effective as well and it relieves you totally within an average time period of two months. One needs to undergo the treatment for about one to two hours daily for about five days a week.

EECP uses the theory of inflation and deflation and creates passages for blood transmission to and from the heart through collateral blood vessels beside the original damaged vessels. Thus the heart gets to relax as the pressure is evened out. Alongside, with increased force of the blood flow, the vessel lining automatically widens thus aiding in better movement of the life-giving liquid.

The process is equally effective for both men and women and people of all ages. In fact, apart from getting relief from the immediate ailment – chronic chest pain or heart attacks, the general activity of the heart improves post the EECP therapy. Many patients reported that they experienced a refreshed energy and felt younger than before, and thus were able to lead qualitatively better lives.

One might want to know the different kinds of symptoms for which EECP Therapy might prove helpful. Blocked arteries, chest pain, heart failures, cardiomyopathy can be fully cured by the EECP treatment. Patients who have had bypass surgeries before but have not found satisfactory results and even those who do not have an inclination for heart surgeries might find a better alternative in EECP. It goes without saying that those patients who are not economically equipped well enough for the expensive surgeries can switch to EECP without any doubt or worry.


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