Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is extremely painful indigestion that affects millions of people around the world. Acid reflux occurs when acid returns from the stomach into the esophagus which causes burping, heartburn, and for some people, extremely painful chest pains. In some people, these chest pains became so horrible that they believe they may be having a heart attack.

If the acid reflux is common in a person, the esophagus will become extremely irritated. This irritation can turn into pain scarring, ulcers, inflammation, hemorrhages, and even esophagus cancer.

If acid reflux is common in your daily life, then you will first want to examine your daily food intake. If you notice that your food intake contains plenty of enzymes then you will need to eliminate these, as they are usually the cause of acid reflux. If this doesn’t work, then there are plenty of other natural remedies you may try to help with the long term treatment as well as quick treatment.

The first thing you should do in controlling your acid reflux is to balance the hydrochloric acid levels in your system. By increasing the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach then your acid reflux symptoms will diminish greatly. Easy ways to accomplish this is to replace table salt with sea salt. High quality sea salt contains plenty of chloride and other essential minerals. Another good idea is to take Betaine HCL before every meal, which will also help in preventing acid reflux.

What is the next step in controlling your acid reflux? Changing your diet. A diet which contains a ton of processed foods as well as sugary foods are a sure fire reason for acid reflux. Not only this, but these types of foods are known for disturbing bacterial balance in the stomach and intestines.

Instead of eating processed and sugary foods, try eating organic fruits and vegetables instead. In addition to plenty of fruits and vegetables, try adding a probiotic to your daily diet to help with the production of good bacteria in the stomach.

Enzymes are important in combating acid reflux symptoms. Although plenty of enzymes are found in raw foods, cooking these foods destroys all of the enzymes, so the consumer does not receive them. A good way to get the natural amount of enzymes needed daily is to pick up an enzyme supplement and add it to your diet.

Vitamin D is an important supplement which you need to help not only acid reflux symptoms but to help the immune system fight off infections, especially in the esophagus. Vitamin D can naturally be consumed by lying out in the sun. However, if this is not an option for you or you think you need more vitamin D, try eating foods rich in vitamin D or taking a vitamin D supplement.

The last, but just as important tip for dealing with acid reflux is to exercise frequently. Exercise is important for all different types of health conditions and will increase your immune system. Whether you have acid reflux or not, regular exercise should always be a part of your weekly routine.

If you have tried all of these remedies and find you still suffering from acid reflux symptoms, then trying these quick and easy home remedies may help with relief.

A drink that is not only tasty and delicious but will help relieve your acid reflux is raw organic apple cider vinegar. Taking at least one tablespoon of this drink before each meal will help to calm your stomach, which will in turn help with digestion. If you forget to do this before your meal and find yourself having symptoms after your meal, try taking a drink for fast relief.

A drink that is less tasty but certainly works well is a spoonful of baking soda mixed with water. Drinking it quickly (so it is drunk before the fizzing subsides) before your meal will relieve you of your acid reflux symptoms. However, be careful as this remedy is not suggested for those with high blood pressure or those who are not able to consume mass amounts of sodium in their diet.

Organic aloe vera juice is commonly used in treating stomach aches, inflammation, and other digestion issues. This is because aloe vera juice is extremely useful in aiding indigestion, which includes acid reflux. When your acid reflux symptoms begin to arise, try taking a drink of some organic aloe vera juice mixed with water to help subside the pain.

Acid reflux causes inflammation in the intestines. Glutamine is a known anti-inflammatory, so finding plenty of glutamine in your daily drinks and foods will help to relieve the effects of acid reflux. Glutamine can be found in plenty of common drinks and foods including milk, eggs, fish, spinach, and so much more.

Herbal licorice is important for dealing with acid reflux as it lines the stomach with protection. Unlike the common candy licorice, herbal licorice root can be found in health food stores usually in a delicious tea form.

The last suggestion for dealing with acid reflux is to perform a complete colon cleanse of your body. Colon cleanse pills can be found in health food stores, or can be accomplished with plenty of prune juice. Either way, relieving your colon of any built up stress can help to release the symptoms of acid reflux.

Dealing with your acid reflux does not mean going to the doctors and spending tons on medications. There are plenty of all natural ways to deal with the pesky indigestion. Remember that most of these remedies may take awhile before they take effect, as your stomach will need to be rebuilt to deal with acid reflux and indigestion.

You are not alone in your fight against acid reflux, and millions of people know the pain and discomfort associated with it. Make sure you try all of the above listed remedies before you decide to put it into a doctors hands, as this could cost you a fortune and do more bad than good. 


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