HVAC Repair Questions: What Does The Red Tag Mean To Your Furnace?

One HVAC repair issue that often crops up is the dreaded red tag. No home owner wants to receive a red tag on their furnace. In the past, a defective furnace would actually have a red tag affixed to it, to show that the equipment was not to be used, because the furnace was unsafe.

These days, literal red tags generally are no longer issued by an HVAC repair tech, but the term is still widely used. Instead of an actual red tag, home owners will simply be handed some official paperwork by the HVAC repair professional and, in many cases, have the gas to their furnace turned off to prevent it from being used, because of the danger to everyone who lives in the home. A red tag will actually save lives.

HVAC repair technicians or utility representatives are required to issue a red tag if they discover a furnace, boiler or other gas-fired heating equipment that is unsafe to operate and cannot be immediately repaired.

A cracked heat exchanger is one of the most common issues that results in a red tag; cracked heat exchangers can allow dangerous carbon monoxide gas into the home causing major injury or death.

Other causes for an HVAC repair tech to issue a red tag include: Gas leakage Improper combustion Any furnace problem that results in carbon monoxide being released Any furnace problem that poses a fire hazard Any furnace problem that poses an electrical hazard.

If the furnace is issued a red tag, it means that the home owner will either need to have an HVAC repair tech fix the problem, or completely replace the furnace.

There are two types of red tags that can be issued by an HVAC repair technician. The first is called an "A-tag." This type of red tag indicates that a furnace presents an immediate danger to the home owner, and results in the gas to that furnace being shut off. The other kind is a "B-tag." This type still represents a serious problem, but the home owner is allowed 45 days to repair or replace the furnace.

The best way to avoid a furnace being red tagged is to keep the heating system well-maintained and running efficiently. If there are any minor problems, contact an HVAC repair technician to fix them before they become major issues. Major issues often call for an expensive HVAC repair or even a full replacement of an HVAC system.

While a minor HVAC repair may be a small- to medium-sized hit to the wallet when they happen, a full-on replacement can be several thousand dollars. The only other alternative is to go without a working furnace during the winter, which depending on the part of the country the home owner is in, could be anything from uncomfortable to completely dangerous.

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