Halloween: Scarecrows, Pumpkins and Memories

Scarecrows used to quite common in our local southern NH region. However, when I took a drive recently, I was saddened to see how scarce they had become. It is a sign of the times - most scarecrows I saw were store bought, not the home grown variety, and that could be because we have less time for fun projects around the home (like Scarecrow building).

However, we need to be mindful that we should protect and continue our cherished tradition Halloween - and Scarecrow making at Halloween is just part of that. We must share the enjoyment that we always have when we do our halloween activities.

What is the Role of Scarecrows on Farms?

The key role of scarecrows was to line the fields after crops were planted, to discourage birds (crows and sparrows) from eating the seeds or young crops before their roots were strong enough to resist them. Scarecrows aren't found just in America -- the Japanese have used scarecrows for more than a thousand years.

Most scarecrows have been human figures dressed in old clothes, mostly ones outgrown or worn out by family members. For variety, you can get more clothing for your scarecrow, like a shirt, pants and shoes, in the thrift store - and all you have to do is stuff them with straw and a pole to keep them standing tall.

Scarecrows Bring Neighbors Together

When we buy or build a house, we consider its location for schools, shopping and major roadways. We also consider the neighborhood, a town where we find other families like our own. Our houses are big, impressive structures, built to present a cozy warm home inside … but our houses cooperatively make up the neighborhoods and communities where we live.

As good neighbors, we try to contribute and enhance our neighborhood after we move in and Halloween is one event that makes us closer to our neighbors.

Nowadays, scarecrows have been used to decorate our homes for Halloween. They're human figures which makes them inviting, as if someone was sitting on the front porch and waving to neighbors as they stroll or drive by your house.

Building Scarecrows Builds Strong Families

During Halloween, there are many great family activities like building a scarecrow, carving a Jack-o-Lantern and decorating your front door.

If there aren't many children in your neighborhood, consider volunteering at an after school program to help others start their own scarecrow traditions, and pass it to the next generation.

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