Christmas On A Budget

The key to doing Christmas on a tight budget is organisation. Logic dictates that if you leave things like shopping, decorating and haven't planned well, you will end up over compensating for everything and end up spending far more money.

Decorations at Christmas are what make the home feel festive. Most people decorate their living room, the dining table, the front door and the stairs. Lots of Christmas decorations are re-used year on year but there is the temptation to buy new ones, but if it's not essential then don't do it. Traditional decorations were from the garden and local green areas such as holly with berries, fir tree branches and ivy, which were free and were displayed in the home tied with ribbon. If this greenery is available to you then use it in your home instead of buying huge amounts of tinsel and foil banners.

Presents are the biggest expense at Christmas. Write a list of people you need to give presents to, not including people who are not so important or who you gift to just because they might gift you. Consider giving a big present to a whole family rather than buying everyone something individual. If you work in an office, buy some chocolates or biscuits for everyone to share or organise a secret Santa between colleagues for £5 each which will keep everyone's costs down.

For adults, avoid buying joke presents or cheap tat just because you can't afford something more expensive; your friends will appreciate a nice bottle of wine, box of biscuits or chocolates which costs the same. Consider making some items or better still, if you are making for family members, get your children to make them and you won't need to worry about the quality! If you do stockings for your partner or children, raid a pound shop for smaller items.

Christmas cards are becoming less popular due to postal prices going up and the modern development of keeping in contact with friends through social media and phone calls rather than writing letters and keeping addresses. Do a e-card and send it by email to your friends and family, including photographs and a newsletter about what you've been up to. If you thinking of sending gifts by post, instead send a vouchers either by post or by email which is free!

Christmas is a time for spending with friends and family, but take it in turns, arrange to visit friends as well as agreeing to them visiting you; don't invite everyone over to yours as more guests = more spending. However, don't end up not seeing anyone at Christmas just to save money; it's not worth being so careful that you ruin the fun for yourself.

Shop around for the best deals online and in store and don't be sucked in by promotional deals as you may up spending more and end up with far too much food. Don't buy crackers, they are overpriced and the gifts inside will only end up in the bin. Make your own with an empty loo roll and wrapping paper and buy presents from the pound shop if you really want them.

Most importantly, relax, Christmas is a holiday and you will only look back with regret if you didn't find time to enjoy yourself.

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