Dressing For The Holidays: Christmas Tips

It is nearly Christmas and that means that there is about to be lots of parties in your diary! Time to sort out your fancy dress! There is no better party than a fancy dress Christmas party! What a great opportunity to do something different from a normal night out and dress up in a disguise or costume and have lots of fun celebrating with friends or family. Christmas parties are a great time for creating memories and laughs by letting go of your inhibitions by not being afraid to look a bit silly!

Santa Claus is the ultimate character to dress up as at your Christmas party because he is so symbolic of the winter season. There are lots of ways to recreate the traditional red and white outfit. Fancy dress can be bought online or can be hired out; alternatively you can put together your own version of the outfit at home.

The latter option is one more frequently chosen by those who take a more low-key approach to fancy-dress or if you don't want to spend lots of money on items you probably won't wear again.

Choosing an accessory that can be easily linked to your chosen character, such as a hat and wearing that instead of a full costume, shows that you have made an effort to join in. If you are feeling more adventurous, scour charity shops for clothing similar to what your character wears or take a twist on your character such as Mafia Santa or 50's Santa and create your own fun outfit.

Another good Christmas character to dress up as if an elf which can also be done low-key is an elf which follows the same line of wearing an elf hat and rubbing some lipstick in circles on you cheeks can already be a convincing elf costume. For more of a costume, wear a dress or t-shirt and trousers in bright primary colours; usually red and green or yellow and green, with stripy socks or tights.

Characters from the nativity are easy options for dress-up. There are Mary and Joseph, Shepherd, Kings and Angels. The creative use of a crown, halo or tea-towel headdress is a good starting point to these costumes and will hark back to your childhood years being in a nativity play.

Dressing up as an animal is also an easy task as the headgear or mask can be bought or made and the rest of the outfit put together from clothes you already own or can easily source, either on theme or not. Traditional Christmas animals are reindeer, donkeys and other stable animals who you could add a Christmas twist too by wearing a strand of tinsel or a Christmas hat.

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