Having The Perfect Halloween

Along with this month comes Halloween and you will want to have the as much fun as you possibly can. The variety of things that you can do this Halloween is huge and it can be difficult to decide what to do to have the perfect Halloween with your friends or your family.

Your costumer for Halloween is obviously the most important thing that you need to take care of. It is recommended that you try and get your outfit sorted as soon as possible so you are not left panicking when the costume you wanted is sold out. The outfit you buy should depend on what you are doing this Halloween, if you are attending a party check whether there is a theme for the party so that you fit in with the ghouls. Zombie costumes prove extremely popular due to the level of detail that some of these costumes have.

These costumes have variety and doctor zombies are proving popular because people like to add a small bit of humour to their costume. Once you have purchased your zombie costume all you have to do is prepare your make-up. This needs to be as detailed as possible so you should take your time when applying it. The make-up should be grey and applied around the face and to add a bit more gore you should have some fake blood to add to the costume.

If you are not going to a party this Halloween then you will probably be staying in and if you are doing this then you can still have a lot of fun. Why not gather the family around and watch scary movies throughout the night? Obviously with the whole family around you cannot really watch films that will scare the bones out of you but there are still films that can keep the children entertained. Monsters Inc is an incredibly popular film and these features to monsters trying to save a little girl from having the scream sucked out of her.

A film that will keep everyone happy is the ever popular Ghostbusters. Originally released in 1984 this film contains 3 scientists on a mission to capture the ghosts of New York one by one until they come across the biggest one of them all. Once the children have gone to bed you should try and watch a film that will be extremely frightening. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a film that is almost guaranteed to scare you as it features a man hunting down hitchhikers with a chainsaw.

Whilst enjoying Halloween you should treat yourself to something sweet. A growing number of people are after a sweet treat which can be healthy and there are so many available. Traditionally you can dip fruit in chocolate and these are not massively unhealthy and the fruit will be classed as one of your 5 a day.

Chocolate covered apples are always popular but why not be a little more creative. You can get the rest of the family involved and let them decorate their chocolate apple with chocolate buttons, nuts and sprinkles. This can be fun and you still get a brilliant treat. Bananas dipped in white chocolate are becoming popular as these can be used to look like ghosts and like the apples your family can help decorate them.

If you want to venture out this Halloween you should see what is going on in your local area. The local council will have the details that you need to find an event for you. The local zoo may be having a special event and many theme parks do open their doors late for Halloween. These are extremely fun to get involved in and are definitely worth looking at.

Whatever you do this Halloween make sure that you dress up in the best costume you can find so that you can have as much fun as possible. Many events that are on this Halloween are free so you can still enjoy this Halloween without spending a great deal of money.

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