Making Your London Home Child Friendly

Living in the heart of London means living in the heart of everything. But as London is so cramped, the majority of houses are very small. Families with children need as much space as possible. Especially in the garden so they run around and let off steam! There are many ways you can make your house and garden child friendly - read on for some helpful tips!

Make Room For The Kids; Clear Out Your Garden

London gardens tend to be small, so in order to make it child friendly it's sometimes necessary to clear it out first. Removing unwanted plants and trees isn't always an easy feat. It's always best to consult and hire a tree surgeon in the city when wanting trees removed. They are quick and efficient at removing trees, meaning you can have a clear garden in next to no time!

Filling The Gaps With Fun Things To Do

A Wendy house is the one thing children look back on with fond memories. Modern Wendy houses come in all shapes and sizes. Some even have an upstairs! Once space is cleared in your garden it's the perfect opportunity to build one. Kids will love playing in a safe and secure environment - and they make great places for storage in winter months!

Making Room For Some Fishy Friends

Kids love water and wildlife, so why not combine the two and get a pond! There are all kinds of shapes and sizes to choose from and many come with water features included. Ponds are a great way of encouraging wildlife into your garden. Buying fish and frogspawn will teach children about wild animals and watching them grow is fascinating for kids!

Make Your Own Beach

Ponds aren't everybody's thing, especially the cleaning out part! Another great idea to make the garden more child friendly is to build a sandbox. These are cheap and easy to build as all you need is some sand! And a bit of wood to keep it all in one place! Kids love playing in the sand so why not bring the beach to you.

Swinging From The Trees, Monkey Style

If you prefer not to remove trees from your garden, you can still make them child friendly. If you are struggling for space, you can buy swings that attach to tree branches. They are safe and easy to attach and last for years. They can go anywhere in the garden, but preferably where there is space to swing in to!

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