The Top 5 Things to Consider in Home Additions

We think of putting an addition on our home when the family is getting bigger, or even when you are working at home and thinking of putting on a formal home office. Whatever the reason, it may be a good contractor can help you find more space in your home to build an addition.

Here are the top 5 things to consider when you want to put an addition on your home:

• Do you still like your current home? How about its location, community and comfortability for your family?

• Do you need an addition to your kitchen, bathroom, sunroom, or bedroom?

• Do your local building regulations allow you to add more square footage to your lot?

• How much is your budget for the addition?

• How much value will this addition add to your home?

Move or Put An Addition On Your House?

Putting an addition to your home will be less expensive than buying a new house and move. Although it is stressful but your intention of living in your own model house may outweigh the pressure. Ask yourself how long you plan to stay in your home - 5 more years? Or do you expect to live there for twenty more years. A benefit to adding onto your existing home is you're able to pick out the exact features you want in your new room rather living with another person's idea of the perfect room.

What Do I Need (Want) to Add On?

• What type of addition would you like?

• Kitchen expansion or add a bathroom?

• A sunroom? Or more bedrooms?

When you decide on a budget, try researching on what types of rooms that could add more value to your house.

What's Involved?

Here is an overview with lots of things that homeowners often aren't aware of like building permits and variances:

• Selecting a good contractor to develop a thorough project plan.

• Town/city regulations: zoning; permitting; periodic inspections; final inspection.

• Construction: foundation; framing; electrical; plumbing; windows; doors; insulation; and siding.

• Interior finishes including flooring, interior trim, painting, etc.

• Your local building regulations.

While you add more value to your house by putting addition into your home, realize that property taxes may be higher. Understand how much of your investment will likely be recouped when you sell your home.

Finding a good contractor is a great way to start with your plan on putting home additions. Discuss different ways on how you can stick to your budget. A good contractor will help you navigate the construction process to make your addition dreams a reality.

We turn your home remodeling dreams into reality with creative solutions to achieve your goals, both functionally and aesthetically, within your budget using quality products and materials.


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