Gardens That Are Safe For Birds

Even though it is really tempting in the autumn and the winter to prune and carefully remove everything from our already unsightly gardens, it's actually a really bad move to make. The birds that visit our garden will enjoy the slight mess that's made by your leaves on the floor, and the bushes going everywhere.

In fact, if your garden is a little unkept, you are more likely to be visited by feathered friends than if you are keeping it very neat. Many birds are very nervous creatures, and they won't want to be somewhere that they feel exposed.

This means that keeping places in your garden as hiding holes and spots for birds to hang out in can see your own garden being a bird paradise. If you want to help the local birdlife in your area, then get a little messy. Of course, you don't have to have a completely torn up garden to let the birds feel comfortable, just leaving it so it looks like humans don't always spend their time there is enough to encourage birds to stop off and spend time.

If you want to encourage even more bird action in your garden, give them something to eat. Birds are more likely to respond to feeding areas in your garden than just a safe looking place. This means if you have a bird table, you should put it near a tree or bush in order to attract birds. The closer it is to the messy bush. The more likely birds will eat. This is because you are not only giving them food, but you are also giving them somewhere to retreat should they feel threatened.

There are hundreds of ways that you can feed garden birds. One of these ways is with a hanging bird feeder. You can choose to put this on the edges of the branches that you have on a tree, or you can choose to put this in the tree or bush so the birds can feed in privacy.

Garden can be safe for birds but they can also be dangerous, depending on how many local pets there are roaming through them. For a garden to be safe for birds it should have a minimum amount of cats coming through it and a lot of food for birds to have, as well as a bird bath that can act as somewhere to clean and drink from in relative safety.

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