Space Saving Tips For Small Bedrooms

A small bedroom can be cosy or it can be claustrophobic. The result will depend on how well the space is used. The key to maximizing your space in a small bedroom is to think vertically. The second most important point to keep in mind is to manage your proportions.

Thinking Vertically

When thinking vertically about your small bedroom space, you want to consider both design and storage elements.

From a design perspective, this can mean using vertical stripes along one wall or having a high headboard with your bed and foam mattress to create some height. Another way to create a sense space with a design element is to use window dressings that sit high above the actual top of the window and drape down to the floor. However, the window dressings shouldn't pool on the floor or it violates the principle of proportion, discussed in more detail below.

When it comes to storage space, you want to take advantage of every inch of vertical space you can find without giving your bedroom a cluttered feeling. Under the bed boxes are one of the best space-saving storage tools ever devised. If you don't have room underneath your bed, you can buy risers quite cheaply. They lift your bed up as high as the number of risers you want to use, giving you much needed storage space that would otherwise be wasted.

The wardrobe selected should also run as far up the wall as you can find. This will clearly give you a variety of storage options, including multilevel hanging bars and shelves. A number of new styles also include some drawers with varying depths. If a closet doesn't have many built-in storage spaces, you can easily create them with storage accessories.

If there aren't multilevel hanging bars, you can buy multilevel hangars to create the same effect. You can also buy plastic storage cubes that stack so deep spaces don't get wasted.

Remember Your Proportions

Having furniture that is too large for the size of your small bedroom may offer more storage, but they'll also make you feel like you're living in a storage closet. For example, having a California King bed size doesn't make much sense. If it suits your style, you might want to consider a futon so you'll have more walking around room during the day.

Storage furniture like closets, bookshelves, and dressers should be high and wide, rather than deep. Any pieces that are multifunctional, such as a storage cube that doubles as small table or nightstand, will also help you manage your space without having to go large.

Sam Martin is an Interior Design Consultant/Stylist, for Super A-Mart - Australia's leading Furniture Retailer, who writes about interior design and loves to help people transform their homes, rooms and spaces into their ideal living spaces. If you have any questions feel free to contact us for more information about choosing the best Foam Mattress.


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