The Benefits Of Having A Composite Door

There are clear benefits to fitting double glazing in your home and not only the windows but the doors too. The windows offer a level of safety and security that traditional wooden windows cannot match as traditional single pane windows are made from a single sheet of regular glass. The double glazing in windows and doors is tightly sealed with a dead air space in-between. The air pocket this creates is then trapped between the panes and acts as an insulator.

Most double glazing will be laminated or toughened glass which reduces the risk of shattering upon impact. With a double glazed unit often damage to one pane of glass is not always carried through the vacuum between the panes to the second pane, giving a much higher degree of safety. Even a chair thrown at a window or patio door will not break it upon a first or second strike. Intruders can also be deterred when the job of breaking in is delayed from a quick smash of a window to many attempts at entering. It becomes noisy and that will attract some very much unwanted attention.

The locking mechanisms are now also pick proof and especially the new composite doors for front and back doors which are fitted with 5 point locking and deadlocks. These do not just lock at the point of the key entering but also lock twice more at the top and bottom. A ram would have trouble to gain entry easily. The composite rock door also has an internal frame fitted that makes it even more robust.

Composite doors are now are more fashionable to, offering light and character as opposed to the old fashioned solid wood door with only one Yale lock to offer security. These doors have now been made in a variety of colours if you prefer something other than white or brown. This makes your front door more personal to you and not just for functionality. The glass can also be reinforced with plastic, making it very difficult to take the glass out if the lock is holding. This type of security leaves you with self confidence that, when no one is home, your possessions will be safe and secure at all times.

The many glass designs that can be fitted into the panels can be made very personal and bespoke giving your home a unique style. Also internal doors can be matched to your style to follow through a theme of Georgian, Tudor or Gothic to name just a few. These composite doors are also almost maintenance free.

Make sure you fit the highest quality composite doors on the market and by choosing the leading suppliers you will also find the best deals on French doors and more.


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