The Important of Garage Door Tune Ups

Garage Door Safety

When in good working condition a garage door can perform thousands of up and down cycles per year, as well as provide additional comfort and security.  However, a neglected garage door can pose a significant safety risk to you and your family, and can become as loud as a locomotive during normal operating procedures. In this article, we show the steps involved with performing an annual inspection of your automatic overhead door, and many of these tips will work for a manual garage door as well.

When We Are Working On Your Garage Door, We Follow Strict Safety Precautions

-  Disable the power to the automatic door opener so it can not be activated.

- Once the door is open, before you start working, clamp a pair of locking pliers onto the roller track below a roller to stop the door from dropping.

Inspect Your Door’s Hardware Equipment.

   - Check your belt drive, chain drive, or screw drive to ensure they are working properly. Make sure chain drives and screw drives are correctly lubricated as well to help prevent premature wearing.

  - Occasionally, the cable may wear at the point of contact with the bottom roller bracket. We inspect the lifting cable to see if it has any possible cracks.

In brief, a garage door, opener and its parts have to be maintained and kept in good condition for the security and safety of your garage.

To Improve the Safety

Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to improve the safety and security of garage doors and openers. Photoelectric eyes are one of the biggest improvements on door openers manufactured since 1993.  These eyes are designed to stop the descending of the door in the event something crosses the path of the beam, such as a small child. 

Inserting a containment cable into the extension spring can help prevent injury or damage should an extension spring break. When an extension spring breaks, the spring and cable become a massive lash that can smash your vehicle or person nearby. A containment cable helps to stop the rebound.

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