Cleaning Procedure for Large Area Rugs

Large area rugs are one of the best home décor accessories you can use to beautify your home. Yet if these large rugs get dirty, it can be a challenging task to maintain it clean. Here we have a few simple tips and suggestions on how you should clean large area rugs.

  • You must first remove furniture or other stuff which has been placed on the area rug. You must then nicely roll up the rug. You can vacuum the floor beneath the rug nicely. You may then unroll the rug.
  • You must then vacuum the top surface of the rug. You must vacuum the surface of the rug twice. You can then turn the rug over and clean the lower portion of the rug and area beneath the rug nicely.
  • You can roll up the rug and take it to a flat and clean surface.
  • You must mix a few drops of liquid soap and water in a spray bottle.
  • You can spray this solution on the area rug till it gets completely wet.
  • You must let the soapy mixture to completely penetrate into the area rug.
  • You must then brush the area rug thoroughly with a laundry brush. You must brush it in the direction of the nap of the area rug. This will help to prevent any kind of damage to the area rug.
  • You must apply firm brush strokes. You must pay extra attention to stained areas of the large area rug.
  • You must also separately clean tassels or decorative edges by making use of a soapy mixture.
  • You must then spray the cleaned area rug with running water till all the soap is completely washed away.
  • You must then press the water out from the area rug by making use of a squeegee. You may even achieve this by making use of a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.
  • You must then leave the area rug to air dry for many hours.
  • You must then roll up the cleaned rug and place it back in its place.

Additional Suggestions for Cleaning Large Area Rugs

  • If you have any stains on the area rugs, you can use a solution of water, soap and white vinegar to spot clean it.
  • You may even remove stains by using club soda.
  • You must avoid using harsh detergents or ammonia on the area rugs.
  • You must not use silicone base cleaners on the large area rugs.

These are just a few tips that work well for virtually all area rugs. Yet you need to make note of the type of area rug and adopt a cleaning procedure accordingly. Your area rug will increase the show of your home for many years if you maintain them well.

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