Winter Proof Your Home Before The Cold Weather Sets In

In the lull that follows the storm, when the wind slows, the rain stops and the sun does its best to break through the cloud, prudent homeowners are engrossing themselves with winter weather preparations. After the last few years of icy cold, snowy winters people aren't taking any risks. Total home lock-down mode encompasses replacing and/or repairing broken guttering; repairing the roof; giving the garden a good once over and thoroughly checking doors and windows for drafts and cracks.

Inside the work continues; the boiler and central heating system need to checked; if insulation isn't up to scratch it needs to be quickly brought up to it and chimneys, for homes fortunate enough to possess open fires, must to be cleaned and unclogged. As a good spring clean de-clutters and refreshes your home a winter once over ensures warm air won't escape and cold air can't sneak in. If you don't want to give up your complete restful weekend to prepare your home, here are three locations you should dedicate your attention.

The front door
Your front door must fit neatly into the door space. You shouldn't be able to see any light around the edges; if you can, you need to replace the draft excluder or even get a new door. When replacing a front door, go for solid wood options rather than man-made alternatives as these are better insulators and are less likely to let out heat. Although, you will have to treat or purchase treated doors to safeguard the wood from water damage. Todd Doors has a collection of solid wood external doors that are perfect.

The roof
A leaky roof lets in water and heat out. Water coming in may result in big areas of water damage and damp, while heat loss will lower the ambient temperature throughout the house. To prevent heat loss and damp, make sure all roof tiles are in place and secured. It may seem like a costly and annoying job to give your roof a service, but attempting to deal with damages in the middle of winter is ten times as troublesome.

The boiler
Get your boiler serviced before the winter. Over time our boilers are worn down and succumb to the same 'wear and tear' as other household goods. However, while you can do without a microwave for a week you can't go without a boiler when it's just over zero degrees outside.

Ian Dufield is a self employed home renovator. He recommends Todd Doors for quality prefinished doors.


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