Toilet Solutions For A Large Event

When it comes to managing large outdoor events such as concerts, festivals or gatherings there are many areas that need to be organized. One major factor that requires attention is the provision of portable toilet rental.

So what should be considered for ordering?

How many people are expected to attend; roughly for a large event of 10,000 there should be upwards of 70 toilets. It is also important to note that if the majority of guests are female, longer toilet visits will possibly mean longer queues so consider carefully the makeup of the attendees.

For major public events it is also a requirement to ensure proper and sufficient access for disabled visitors. This means investing in larger portable restrooms that can handle wheelchair access.

If the event is taking place in the summer then you should carefully consider the use of facilities with air conditioning and odor removal tools. This also will help avoid the arrival of insects and improve general hygiene.

Most large concert events take place in fields and rural areas. It is therefore important to consider the underfoot conditions when selecting toilets. For example the rental of trailer based restrooms will reduce the risk of the area becoming a mud bath and ensure setting up and removal is straightforward.

By opting for combination toilet concepts it can mean that urinals can be deployed which will reduce queuing within the male rooms. It may also free up cubicles for females to aid congestion as well. It is also important to provide sinks for washing of hands as it unlikely facilities will be onsite.

Most large events attract younger adults that will party and consume alcohol meaning more frequent use of the toilets. Therefore additional units maybe required on this basis.

There is also the option of package deals from a number of suppliers; showers would be a popular extra for visitors that have been staying over at an event.

It is essential to provide sufficient directions and signage to the public toilets at busy events. They should be easy to locate and it is a good idea to talk to the restroom rental agent for feedback on this matter. Do not leave it until the last minute as hygiene and behavior can suffer around heavily drunk levels of alcohol.

The final point to consider when renting portable toilets is that of price. Looking to cater for such a large number could be an expensive experience. Therefore you want to avoid damage to the rented items which could be further outlays.

Many Portable toilet rental companies offer regular cleaning maintenance for events that carry on for a number of days. This can reduce the risk of misuse and also provide a much healthier environment for the visitors.

Good luck with organizing a large event, be considerate to your visitors when it comes to toilet needs and ensure high levels of hygiene are maintained at all times.


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