Selecting The Right Portable Restroom?

There are various forms of portable restroom rental available for business requirements. In order to select the most suitable portable restroom for you company needs, we have analyzed what the marketplace has to offer.

Construction Industry

Possibly the most common usage for portable restrooms is that of builders and trade workers. It is often the only means available for onsite toilet facilities therefore extras such as sinks and hand washes must be supplied.

It is important to identify the number of staff that will be on the job, including a gender breakdown. Unlike renting for an event or social gathering, the rules for the number of available toilets are stricter in the workplace. Careful consideration of your regions laws with regards toilets should be reviewed.

Many companies also offer a high rise portable toilet option for construction sites. These can be transported to the higher reaches of sites or dropped down shafts for the comfort of all staff. If you are interesting in hiring these options make sure that the correct handling equipment is enabled for safety and proper usage; these are also known as lifting frames.

These models are usually the basic industry standards in order to provide affordable solutions and cater for manual workers. If you have any disabled workers, larger more expensive alternatives maybe required.

VIP Events

As the name suggests, when on location with potential investors, celebrities or company board members will expect only the very best facilities - including restrooms. Luxury portable toilets are normally rented featuring significant space, plenty of washing areas and complete privacy. Many will also feature additional toiletries such as face wash and natural hand gel for high quality manufacturers.

Naturally, these options are the most expensive on the market and should be considered by successful organizations.   

Production Teams

Many teams that work on filming projects or research trips may require the need of portable toilets. Often the best solution is trailer based toilets that are easily exported in and out of tough terrain offering workers a comfortable break from the outdoor conditions.

Temporary office accommodation

During office reconstruction many staff may have no option but to use temporarily rented restroom facilities. As an employer, it is essential that adequate toilets and wash up areas are supplied for your workforce.

It is worth remembering that if your workforce is predominantly female, the number of toilets required will need to be increased. It is also important to ensure these are cleaned regularly either by onsite staff cleaners or as part of the rental agreement.

Rural and road workers

Staff that are based in rural outdoor areas or work on roads, railways or similar, will require temporary toilets. As with construction workers the selected models are normally standard with no luxury features. It is however worth considering a larger option that can have urinals built in and possible showering features.

There are various trades and occupations that regularly require the need of portable restroom rental facilities. Carefully select the right rental supplier and find the best model for your employees with regards to working condition rules and affordability.


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