Home Maintenance Checklist Saves Money

A home maintenance checklist is a tool to help you remember the things that you need to do to maintain your home. The list will make sure that you extend the life of your home features like your roof and exterior trim. The checklist will also help you reduce your utility bills, i.e. when your furnace and hot water heater get an annual tune-up.

When will you use your home maintenance checklist? For parents, you may use the checklist on the first day of school once you get the kids settled into sports and their after school activities. Once school routines are in place, turn your attention to one weekend on your home's outdoor home maintenance checklist, and another weekend on the items in your indoor home maintenance checklist.

What are the Benefits of Home Maintenance Checklist?

Home maintenance checklists will also educate homeowners on how to protect your homes and the huge financial investment they represent.

You may be tired of too many to do lists and creating and completing checklists so here's a new easy way to look at home maintenance.

• Set your annual home maintenance financial plan (should be 1 to 2%).

• Pick 4 to 6 items to do from our home maintenance checklist.

• Aim to finish your home maintenance items before Halloween.

Home Maintenance Checklist Made Easier

An updated home feature is the reward after you complete your routine home maintenance tasks. The task can be easier when you
have fun picking out a new light fixture, a new paint color for the family room or wallpaper for your powder room. The long term benefit of these small incremental updates to your home is that it will be easier to sell your home in the future.

A Simple Home Maintenance Checklist

Here is a short version of home maintenance checklist:

• Home safety mini checklist - smoke and carbon monoxide batteries, furnace filters, humidifiers, clean dryer vent, exterior lights, walkways, stairs and handrails.

• Keep your home dry mini home maintenance checklist - roof and things that protrude like vent stacks and skylights, chimney, clean gutters and downspouts, siding, doors, windows, exterior trim, decks and porches, outside faucets, foundation and proper slope to keep water away from your house.

• Energy saving (money) mini home maintenance checklist - programmable thermostats, heating and cooling systems, insulation and ventilation, hot water heater and power strips that let you turn off multiple electronic (energy vampires) gadgets with single switch.

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