Additional Fixtures Besides Just Portable Toiler Rental

So you're looking to take advantage of a portable toilet rental? Whether you have a specific event in mind you need to provide facilities for or if you simply need additional (or primary) restroom options for a venue you're looking to fill renting a portable toilet is a good idea.

A portable toilet rental provides you with a flexible, cost-effective, "hands-off" way to make sure your guests receive the facilities they need to feel comfortable, clean and taken care of. However, you do need to ask yourself if you really need to rent just a portable toilet, or if there are other amenities and fixtures you also need to rent to fully ensure the positive experience of your guests.

Now, most people aren't aware that any company who rents out portable toilets or portable restrooms probably rents other similar, related fixtures to their customers. In fact, most people probably aren't even aware that these other portable fixtures and facilities even exist. However renting these out can be the difference between making your guests feel at home and making your guests feel like the restroom facilities you set up were for bare necessity and that's it.

For example, one additional fixture you can rent in addition to a portable toilet is a sanitary foam dispenser. These dispensers are vertical and stand on their own, offering up multiple (often four) different individual dispensers that pump out sanitizing fluid or foam so your guests can clean up their hands and prevent the spread of germs. At any sort of packed, highly populated event the spread of germs is a big deal.

Not only do your guests not want to spread their own germs to the other people there, but your guests also don't want to pick up anybody else's germs. This is a real concern, especially at a concert or an outdoor wedding or a similar event where lots of people are crammed in together and touching the same things over and over again. A stand dispensing hand sanitizer is a great rental for these purposes, and they can be placed all of the venue and not just by your portable toiler rentals.

It's also wise to note you can rent portable shower units. Now why would you want to rent a portable shower unit? Under most circumstances one of these isn't going to be too useful, but for specific events or for specific locations a portable shower unit can be necessary. Specifically, anywhere and for any event that requires people to wear their swimsuits a portable shower unit is just as necessary as a portable toilet rental.

Shower units let guests wash sand off their feet, chlorine out of their hair, or colored powder or other unique party elements off their bodies. While it might not be the first thing you'd think of, ask yourself if your event could use one of these devices.

When it comes down to it you want to provide for every possible need and contingency for your event or your location's guests, and that means looking beyond only a portable toilet rental or two.


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