The Best Hotels in Las Vegas

Five Luxurious Ways to Stay in Beautiful Las Vegas

  1. Bellagio

The Bellagio hotel can only be described as architectural love and beauty personified. From it's smallest room, a spacious 500 square foot space packed with luxury, to it's fantastically appointed villas measuring upwards of 6000 square feet.

Everything about this hotel is exquisite. Even going so far as to house their own personal butlers at your beck and call. The best way to describe this hotel; elegance and charm made concrete. Guests of this luxury hotel will never want to leave.

  1. Aria

Don't be intimidated by the Aria's highly sophisticated and automated rooms. Advanced technology mated with class and luxury are the hallmarks of this gorgeous resort hotel. Everything from the drapes to the musical score are tuned to your liking in this hotel fit for a sultan! All of this magnificence is housed in an astonishing fifty-six stories of glory and splendor.

Guests are treated to an exciting floor to ceiling view of beautiful Las Vegas that enhances the open, yet majestic grandeur of each and every one of the Aria's breathtaking accommodations. Not just confined to the rooms, the entire hotel is built with openness and a outright reverence for natural light. This concept includes the lobby as well as the casino itself.

  1. MGM Grand

Sporting four distinct towers with a thousand rooms each, the MGM Grand hotel is aptly named “Grand”. Water parks, countless shops, fine dining restaurants, even a small zoo housing some of the most magnificent lions can be found in this veritable paradise of modern design. Along with the stadium sized casinos, this hotel has one of the longest “lazy rivers” the world has ever known.

The fabled lion zoo houses beautiful specimens of the feline kings of the jungle in gigantic glass enclosures where people can watch them play, eat and enjoy themselves in beautiful glass enclosed habitats. Watch the epic movie giant's favorite mascots and then roar on down to the huge casino!

No matter how busy the high rollers may get, you'll never want for a table at the MGM Grand's massive casino space. The casino doesn't seem capable of running out of games with which to while away the hours. Considered by many to nearly three football fields in size the games of chance sporting areas of the hotel are a sight to see.

  1. Caesar's palace

Hail Caesar, indeed. When you walk through the doors of this famous casino and hotel, you'll feel as if your walked straight into a scene from the movie “Ben Hur”, or some other masterpiece from Hollywood's age of the cinematic epic. Even the employees give the sense of timeless majesty as they attend to your every need while garbled in traditional Roman attire. You will even be called “Caesar”!

No matter how many times this famous and long standing hotel and casino re-invents itself, there will always be Roman furnishings to adorn the walls. Not to mention that famous “Hail Caesar!” attitude you have come to expect from Caesar's palace. Never mind the fantasy inspiring rooms and luxury accommodations, even if you don't stay, this is a “must see” for anyone venturing to Las Vegas.

  1. Venetian

With a massive array of restaurants, shops and accommodations, all built around the theme of fabled Venice herself, you'll be in awe as you take in the half a million square feet of this “city within a City”. If you can ever tear your eyes away from the gorgeous décor at eye level, your jaw will drop at the beautiful painted ceiling. A ceiling modeled after the famously painted ceilings of Venetian cathedrals and chapels.

If you are a fan of the fine art of shopping, you won't be disappointed by the Venetian's countless shops. Everything from standard souvenirs to fine jewelry can be procured in the Venetian. All of this can be found in the hotel's Saint Mark's Square. Everything can be found in Saint Mark's Square, from fine dining to street entertainment.


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