Finding a Holiday Cottage to Suit You

Finding a holiday for your family at times can prove difficult, however, you do not have to go abroad to have a good holiday. Staying in the UK for your summer holiday or short break can bring you a unique experience and you will be surprised what you will discover. Staycations are a very new phrase that is used to describe a holiday at home and within your country. The reasoning for this is due to the financial crisis which caused the pound to be weaker against the euro. There are also several types of beautiful accommodation that you can stay in which includes cottages, lodges and logs cabins. An option that many take, and probably the best option if you are looking to explore the UK is self catering accommodation. Using a booking agency is a great way to locate the perfect accommodation for you and make your trip enjoyable and relaxing.


A cottage is a small house or place of habitation that does not have any land. They are normally located in picturesque rural areas, such as, hamlets. Often cottages will have various period features and be located close to a river or lake. If you are looking for something with more of a modern twist, you will be able to find cottages that have gone under restoration work which will provide you with a modern vs. traditional feel. A lot of cottages will be located in historical areas of the United Kingdom. Cottages are generally surrounded by acres of land, this is a great place to bring your family, especially if you have young children.


A lodge is a small house that is commonly located within the grounds of a large estate. Generally they have a deck where you can take in the view and relax. The interiors are normally stylish and contemporary, with the deck area being quite spacious. Frequently they include a log cabin and if you are looking for a top of the range lodge some are available with the extra of a tree house. If you are looking to completely escape you can find lodges that are located close to a river and surrounded by forests. These are the idyllic settings for those of you seeking a complete change of scenery and getting back to nature.

Log Cabins:

Funnily enough a log cabin is generally a cabin made out of logs. Log cabins are available with decks, a hot tub and modern amenities such as widescreen TV’s, there is no need to rough it. They are commonly located near lakes and/or rivers giving you the opportunity to go fishing. Some log cabins are situated within a forest that have various nature trails that you can either walk or cycle. If you are taking a holiday there will be some locations that have indoor facilities that provide fun activities for kids including indoor swimming. Log cabins are generally modern buildings as traditionally they were like an impermanent structure used to protect people from the elements.

So there you have the various types of holiday properties. I hope you locate the perfect cottages to rent for you and/or your family, happy hunting!


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