Australia Business Sub Class 188

Australia Business Sub Class 188 is a new business visa classification incorporated into the visa regime that coincides with establishment of SkillSelect. Sweeping modifications have been carried out in the immigration act to make the process more simplified and elaborate for the aspiring migrants.  Ample opportunities have put at disposal of migrant willing to settle down under with their financial resources and expertise.

This classification is available under Business Innovation and Investment scheme. The nature of this entry arrangement is temporary and is available to an aspiring migrant on invitation. As a fundamental requisite you must necessarily be less than 55 years in age. You have option of choosing to file for this visa as a business-owner or an investing individual.

If you are filing as a business-owner it is compulsory for you to substantiate your intent of establishing a new business or taking over an ongoing concern and also participate in the day to management of company affairs and operations.

As in investing individual you are needed to invest your funds into specified and qualified venues in a province or region down under. You would also need to substantiate your resolve to sustain your invested funds after achievement of the initial scheme.

Business Sub-Class 188 Australia is available only on invitation and it is mandatory for you to create an online digital profile to be considered for endorsement by a state or region. You would need to support your candidature for this entry permission by supplying desired annexe with the application (the details of your profile will be entered in the EOI during the creation process and all the physical copies of these claims must accompany application for visa). Besides maximum permitted age, factors considered essential for a profile assessment in selection process are

•  Linguistic skills in English
•  Academic qualifications
•  Business and investing track record and performance
•  Net personal worth
•  Annual business generated by your existing concern in your country
•  Your perception of potential and plans in Australia

There are minimum financial stipulations attached to both classes and it is necessary for you to fulfill these desired specifications in pre-defined pattern.  

This classification will permit you to

•  Set-up an organization from scratch or take over an already operating organization under the business-owner segment
•  Invest funds with Australian provincial or regional government under investors segment
•  Enter and exit permission from aussie shores till the validity of permit granted
•  Take your family along down under

Business Class-188 Australian Visa is a pathway for permanent residency. This permit is initially issued for a period of 4 years with an optional extension of 2 years. Migrants meeting the stipulated criteria of this permits become eligible for filing a permanent residence application.


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