Australian Migration Points

Australia is an economically developed country offering jobs for overseas personnel. The transcending phase of the industrial sector has opened doors for recruiting skilled people. Thousands of people would like to settle in Australia; therefore, the migration department has introduced a point test system. This system was later on revised with effect from 1 July 2012.

The introduction of point system for skilled migrates is to maintain a balance in the job environment.  The best individuals will be appointed resulting in high grade performance. This system only came into effect considering the reviews of the experts and general community. The highly qualified migrants are selected based on English language and work experience in consideration to age.

The point test is objective given for selecting skilled people who like to settle in Australia.  Alternatively, for those who would want to go under the skilled migration visa. If such candidates fail the point test, the other option would be the skilled sponsorship visa. That is, the person can obtain a visa based on sponsorship of the company. The skilled visas are categorised into independent, regional and sponsored subclass.

The point test so given is based on marks obtained by the migrant. The marks so obtained are placed in pass or pool marks. The eligibility pass mark is 65 points, but this is subjective to change by the migration department. Any change in the pass mark usually depends on the requirements of labour markets in Australia. On the other hand, the pool marks are lower than the pass mark. The persons obtaining less or equal to the pass mark are put on waiting or are never cleared.

Those appearing the point test should have an assessment of the pass mark beforehand, since it might change at any moment of time, which is unquestionable. For those failing in the point test, another migration option would be the Employer Nomination or Regional sponsored migration scheme. The new point system has factors of age, competency in English, work experience in Australia, overseas work, and educational qualifications.

Few of the websites also offer an online point test, which is publicised by DIAC. The test can be used for self assessment and thereby test the Australian migration points. The points so obtained are broken down on the basis assessment of occupational skill and qualification. The work experience of many years gains a number of points with excellent hold on the English language.

The biggest revision of the migration skill system is the introduction of SkillSelect system. In order to acquire this visa the applicant should not only gain the Australian migration points but should also clear the Expression of Interest (EOI) test conducted online. The EOI is conducted in the interest of skill of the migrant. The results will not depend on the pass mark obtained in the point test.   

If the candidate gets no intimation of visa for two years, a new renewal for EOI has to be applied. The skillselect system shows a path for permanent working Australian residents. The visa programs under this system are, independent, regional, sponsored and business skills. This system is introduced to enhance the employment opportunities in Australia and for a better future in the economy.


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