Canada Visa from India

Making a trip to Canada is no more a milestone in today’s world. A legal visa and a passport are required. Anyone can apply for a visa; a student or an employee may wish to work for short periods, or as a temporary or permanent resident. Certain guidelines and rules are to be fulfilled by the applicant to get a Canada visa from India.  

The procedures and documentation for Canada visa is taken care of by the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi. The application form can also be submitted at the Consulate General in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab. Before applying certain matters have to be considered, like staying fit, should be able to convince the immigration officer about the purpose of the visit, come back as purpose is over, enough money for the visit. Things become easier if an invitation letter is acquired from residents of Canada.  

Things go as per plan if one has a thorough knowledge of the Visa Application Centre (VAC), responsible for providing visa services for temporary residents, students and employees. They issue the necessary permits required for work and education in Canada. According to the revised rules on student permit, considering the expenses on studies, an evidence of purchase from Canadian financial institution can be submitted. It consists of Guaranteed Income Certificate covering the first year study expenses.    

Another recent change in visa is the introduction of super visa for the parents and grandparents of the citizens already residing in Canada. They get a grant to stay for two years. No renewal during this period is necessary. This super visa is granted only for a stipulated period of time. The granting of the visa may be stopped for short periods. The information regarding the issuing of super visa is available online.

For people opting for a short stay in Canada, whether it is a family trip or for a short official visit, every applicant above 18 years of age must fill and submit his/her application form with signature. That means every individual family member irrespective of children should have an application form. It is compulsory for every family member or else will be rejected.

The visa fee is paid on behalf of the Canadian High Commission or Receiver General for Canada. It can be paid in cash or bank draft using the above mentioned names in New Delhi. Different fee structures are allocated for different modes of Canada visa from India. For temporary resident visas, the fee charges for single to multiple and family entries are from 3,975 to 21,200 according to INR.  These charges include the super visa also. For students 6,625 is the fee charged for a study permit.

The fee charged for group is charged as a group and not individually including children (all going to one place at one time). Other than visa fees processing charges of 676 (INR) per applicant are taken except for family (exempted in India). Other charges are for the optional services provided by them.  Cash is the only mode of payment in India, which has the option to pay the visa fees in instalments.


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