Traditional Rugs for Modern Homes

When you have opted for such hues, they will form an excellent background for some ornate traditional rugs. Here is how you can add grace to your interiors using traditional rugs.

  • Traditional Rugs for Dining Room Floors

There are many traditional area rugs which are just perfect for the dining room. If you have plain white floors in the kitchen or dining room, you can go for intricately worked and embroidered red and ivory traditional rugs.

Rectangular rugs are the most common dining area rugs. You may even go for oval shaped rugs. These look more appealing. It would be a wise pick if you choose a rug with a well-defined border.

  • Traditional Rugs for Living Room

If you wish to create a focal point in the living room, go for Persian rugs. These usually have floral prints. A rectangular rug will accommodate the coffee table in a neat way. It will stand out against a solid background.

You must select materials which will last long even in areas of high traffic. It should be resistant to stains so that you have no trouble maintaining them.

  • Traditional Rugs as Stylish Tapestries

Plain colored walls look very simple and yet carry an edge of sophistication. Embroidered multicolored tapestries will be your perfect choice for walls if you have chosen this kind of wall color.

Go for vertically hanging wall tapestries as they look compact. You may even go for tapestries with fluffy fringes. You must make sure they are maintained in good condition.

  • Traditional Rug Doormats

You may even opt for doormats for your entrance. These doormats will go particularly well with wooden doors. You must select the color of the doormat in a way that it complements the outdoors too.

  • Traditional Rug Runners for Stairways

If you have stairways in your house, go for runner rugs which complement the step color. Select the length of the runner properly so that people walking do not trip.

Buying Guide for Traditional Rugs

There are various ways in which you can purchase a traditional area rug. Here are some simple guidelines which might help you.

  • You can purchase traditional rugs from the neighborhood stores or from the numerous online stores.
  • If you purchase from an online store, you must conduct a detailed online research.
  • The major benefit of opting for online stores is that you can have it delivered at your doorstep.
  • Online stores usually offer many seasonal discounts. This is another great way to save a few dollars.
  • You must however make sure that the online store is genuine so that you do not lose your money.
  • You can visit the various blogs to know the various styles in which you may use these rugs to decorate the house floors with traditional rugs.
  • If you believe in sustainable living, go for eco-friendly traditional rugs.

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