10 Tips to Create Pet friendly Home

The meows and the barks of the pets in the home may be quite serenading for the people who love animals. Be it the cackling of the birds or the silent beauty of the fishes, pets at home need their own time and space. As humans, we take care of all our needs. But when we bring in a pet, our responsibilities increase.

It is not just about getting cute puppies or cats in the home and leaving them there to lie around. To mingle awesomeness with safety, we need to consider some factors to make the pets feel at home. It is then that this coexistence of man and animals can become complete.

  1. Build a Pet House

Like you and your children have their own room, even your pets’ need a room for themselves. Now you can get a small house for them. At least now, your petscan scratch themselves in privacy! Though many of such activities are visible to the owner’s eyes, a house for the pet is must for their cleanliness and relaxation.There are several designs of the pet houses available online.

  1. Water and Food Bowl

No matter how much you love your pet, make sure that you get a personal bowl to serve them food and water. Do not let them take a nip out of your drink or eat from your plate. It can lead to many diseases then. Getting their bowl marked with their name is a wise choice. Initiate the habit in your pets to eat and drink out for their own bowls.

  1. A Place to Roll Over and Play

All work and no play can make a man frustrated. It is same for the pets too. Moreover, their day is full of fun and play, unlike ours. So get a play area for them where you can put in toys that they can bite and play with. Place a shag rug in this space so that the pet can jump and roll over without getting hurt.

  1. Clean and Safe

You obviously will not like the house smelling of pet’s poo and urine. It is therefore necessary to clean the pet house and the accessories around their area. If there is a rug, wash it. Keep their space ventilated and free from germs. This will ensure good health to both the pet and you. Use stink free pellets to ward off pests. If you have a fish tank or an aquarium, replace the water at regular intervals. Clean the birdhouse of all their droppings and change the food and water bowls.

  1. No High Rise Areas

Your cat may be able to hop and reach the wall shelves and the loft, but this may not be same with the dogs and other pets. It is easier to keep the region free of high rise elements. This will ensure that the pet does not get attracted to any accident causing zones and injure themselves. Preferably, create low rise areas for them for a better living environment for them. If there are any cabinets, get the ones with closed doors.

  1. Non Slip Floors and Walls

When you cannot fancy slipping on floors, then why will your pet like it? As pets are known to run amok and active in jumping and playing, non slip floors and walls for their area is important. You can consider a grainy yet smooth surface for the tiles or the floorboard in here. Even the walls can injure the pets when they rub against it. So you can consider tough wallpapers or wall carpeting of the surrounding surfaces.

  1. Good Lighting with Dimmers

Bright light bulbs just above the pet house can hurt the eyes for the cute animals in there. It is essential to suitably light up their area but do not over do it. You can opt for dimmers in the surrounding. Cats, dogs, and even many birds can see properly at night unlike humans. You can opt for some wall scones at a considerable height where the pets cannot reach. Avoid chandeliers and wall hanging lights here.

  1. Cover the Electric Wires and Appliances

There may be some electric points in the pet area or uncovered wires. You should never have too many of these elements in their space. It can unfortunately electrocute your pet in dire situations. Even if you have any wiring in the region, get a covering for the same. Place a fabric over the appliances, so as to make the pets not that inquisitive to explore it.

  1. Entertainment Entertainment and Entertainment!

As much as you love to watch television and listen to music, even pets need some recreational activity besides play. Research has found that some soft music is capable to put the pets to sleep. Some pets even show a surprising reaction to particular videos and musical tones. These therapies are often used to calm animals when they are aggressive. So you can involve such ideas in their living space. So you can pop of their favorite song when they are in dismay!

  1. A Touch of Innovation

You can jazz up the pet’s area in the home with some creative décor ideas. Inculcate good habits in them that will make them more disciplined. Get a small bathroom in their space so that your pet gets into the habit of monitoring their bathroom activities. For their leisure, you can always keep a box of treats to encourage them to perform a task. You can paint the walls with soft and bright colors that match their skin shade.

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