Oriental Rugs with a Classy Look

There are several types in them that you can explore. You can suit them to many different kinds of home décor plan. They also go well with varied flooring. You can have it for outdoors also. Take a glance at some of the important points about oriental rugs

You can decorate your home with some of the exotic oriental rugs. They are one of the traditional rugs that are quite famous around the globe. You may want to buy it from online retail stores if you can find it on sale. You can also consider some rug stores and showrooms for these carpets. These can also work well with luxury hotels and resorts.

You can look into some different types of oriental rugs. They originate from a part of the world that is known for the charm of carpets. The Gulf region is the place that originally procured oriental rugs. Even Asian nations produce these carpets. You can browse through various categories they have.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs come under oriental carpets. They have lovely design patterns on them. They are one of the best in this category. You can find several categorizations in them also. You may also buy these from some of the thrift stores. The older they are, more costly they will become. Some of the pristine ones can be seen in museums.

Tribal Rugs

Tribal rugs can be found in many rug stores. They are woven by people from various tribes. They may not have that refined a structure. But they look very nice. Their weaving style is very special. They are one of the oriental rugs that are still prominent and a preferable choice among homeowners. You can buy it from online retail shops also and clearance sale.

Chinese Rugs

Another carpet in oriental rugs is Chinese rugs. Even Tibetan rugs come in this category. Prints of dragons and tigers are very common here. You can find colors like yellow, orange, green and red to be very significant in these carpets. You can also find some prayer rugs in this category. The material silk and wool is largely used in production of these carpets.

Indian Rugs

Indian rugs are a replica of many other rugs. We do find some cultural depiction of India in these oriental rugs. You can find geometric and floral patterns here. Even embroidery designs are quite popular in them. The material wool, cotton and jute are mainly used in making these carpets. You may also see some synthetic versions now in modern age.

Afghan Rugs

Afghan rugs are another incredible collection of carpets in oriental rugs. They come from Iran and other gulf places. They are very wonderful in looks. Shades of blue, red, golden, and ivory, black and white are seen in these carpets. You can also find floral and animal patterns on them besides the geometric ones.

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