Bedroom Decorating Tips For Newlyweds

A married couple's bedroom is truly the inner sanctum. It's their private space away from the rest of the world. For newlyweds decorating their first bedroom together, this can be an exciting or stressful experience, or probably a little of both. Here are five decorating tips specifically for newlyweds to keep in mind:

The bedroom is a shared space

He might have free rein in to build his man cave. She might dominate design of the kitchen. However the bedroom is a shared space that has to reflect the personalities and needs of both its inhabitants. In other words, floral curtains or a signed baseball collection display might not be good options.

But make space for both people

When decorating a shared space, it's easy to forget to consider the height and size of the other person. Buying a king size mattress is clearly needed to accommodate two bodies in a bed. However, there are other furniture pieces to consider as well. She might love curling up in a deep reading chair. However, he'll probably appreciate having an ottoman with the chair so he can stretch out his legs.

Also make space for both personalities

Everyone has furniture or decorate pieces from one's single life that either have sentimental value or that are just really beloved. It can be a wall hanging or a favourite lamp. Whatever it is, making way for an integration of these kinds of pieces into the bedroom can be a great way to enjoy the familiar and build something new all at the same time.

Having said that...

Understand when to compromise

If one partner has an idea the other doesn't like, it's best to decide whether it's worth saying no before just refusing to consider the idea. If it's not worth saying no, let it go. If it does require a no, figure out where the yes is as well. She might not want his favourite old recliner in the bedroom, but perhaps it can go somewhere else.

Make the bed the centrepiece

The decor should reflect the bedroom's role as a married couple's inner sanctum. Adding too many other pieces of furniture can turn it into a sitting room for friends or an office. If the couch or desk isn't there, the bedroom won't become a public space. Making the bed the central piece of furniture reinforces the space as an intimate one for the couple.

Sam Martin is an Interior Design Consultant/Stylist, for Super A-Mart - Australia's leading Furniture Retailer, who writes about interior design and loves to help people transform their homes, rooms and spaces into their ideal living spaces. If you have any questions feel free to contact us for more information about choosing the right Super A-Mart Mattresses.


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