49 Decapitated bodies found in Mexico

Early Sunday morning in Monterrey, Mexico, local authorities found upwards of 49 bodies that were decapitated and dumped on a highway that connected Mexico to the US, in the town of San Juan. Police said that there was a message on a nearby wall that referred to Los Zetas, the well known Drug Cartel. The message was said to have been in a threatening manner.

The bodies were discovered early in the morning after Police received an anonymous tip. Local authorities, along with Troops, were still looking through the area. So far the reports state that there were bodies of 43 men and 6 women, none of which have been identified thus far.

Attorney General Adrian de la Garzo told the press that these victims could have been migrants and that they could have been killed as many as 2 days ago in a different location.

It's well known that the Drug Wars have been escalating over the past few years. In September, a gang connected with the Sinaloa Cartel placed 35 bodies on an overpass in the city of Veracruz. Just a few days later, Police later found another 32 bodies that had been killed by the same gang.

In November, authorites found 26 bodies in the city of Guadalajara. These deaths have been attributed to the disputes between the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas.

As these wars continue to rage out of control, the United States has done very little to increase security near our borders. This month alone, Mexican authorities also found 18 bodies hanging from a freeway overpass near Guadalajara, as well as 23 bodies that were found dumped near Nuevo Laredo. Last year 183 bodies were discovered in a mass grave in San Fernando, a town located in Tamaulipas.


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