How Can I Make An Income Using Webpage Ads?

First, a short explanation of what Online Ads really are:

When searching online, you frequently see pages with an advertising block on the side of the web-page containing advertisements.

Sliding the mouse towards the top section, will show a title for ad choices.

It's called an ad display and by clicking the ad, the ad owner, incurs the cost by the ad hosting company, for the click. The cost of the charge depends on the demand of the keyword being used. The more popular keywords such as "Affiliate Marketing" will most likely incur particularly higher costs.

In any event, the site's owner (you) where the ad is being shown, get's a commission from the ad hosting company - which means income over to your account. As previously mentioned above, the amount transferred over to you increases in accordance with the higher more competitive keyword phrases in use.

This may be very lucrative for you as a website owner as, simply for featuring an ad in the website, you can receive commission from the ad host company, forbasically not doing anything after you have installed the code into the webpage

Now the ads shown are in context of the keywords relevant to the website so this helps to get visitors to click on the ad (as it is relevant) and earn income for you.

Now can you imagine the probability of earning passive income through showing an ad, just on a single webpage. By growing your business, and having many websites naturally the earning potential is now more realistic As the website owner, would you now want to know how to obtain an ad box to show up on your website? The good news is that it is very quick, at no cost and very easy to arrange and be underway

So the next action you need to do is get (at no cost) an account.

Opening an account is straightforward which will take a couple of days to be approved. You will then receive an email notification when this process is complete.

When your account is approved, log in and click the relevant tab

Click on Setup then choose

Content Will show ads which are aimed at your webpage

Then select:

Ad Unit (text and image ads)

Ad size (suggest 300x250 medium oblong

Skip through the following couple of screens (relating to Ad Channels and the Ad Unit name) and choose the SUBMIT AND GET CODE button

Click on the code and select Control A to highlight all the code. Copy the code into a word document ready for pasting into your website.

The code which you just copied from your ad account, whilst it looks confusing there is nothing that you have to concern yourself with it, as it really is only a copy and paste function which is needed.

The next step is for me to demonstrate how to put the code on your website.

See how easy it is to install the ad on a webpage How to Install An Ad block


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