Video Production for Marketing

There is a reason why video production firms have become so popular over the past decade. With the advent of the Internet, the marketing and advertising arena has become much more visually focused. Television has always used this type of marketing and the Internet has made distribution of these visual tools more affordable for all businesses to use. That is why more companies are using videography services to go far beyond what even typical commercials provide.

The success of YouTube has demonstrated how the power of video can be harnessed. From entertaining and engaging videos, to the more serious how to and demonstration videos, companies routinely leverage the power of video for a variety of purposes. For example, businesses utilize video services to create:

General corporate videos Corporate training videos Webmercials Online marketing content Social media optimization Promotional videos Video technology is readily available, and when well executed, has far more impact than other forms of marketing and advertising. Videos have the ability to engage and capture the targeted audience in ways that cannot be matched by other media forms.

Companies using videos have reported that response and retention numbers for potential customers watching videos are much higher than when using other advertising. This applies to every form of promotional, webmercial or corporate training video.

New innovations have made it possible for video creation professionals to regularly utilize new features designed to engage the audience. Businesses expand market reach and increase sales through embracing new video usage trends such as:

Live webcasting Webinar streaming Events Product launches Giveaways Internal and external announcements Effective business videos feature a combination of advanced techniques. For example, graphic animations, interview driven voice overs and kinetic aspects may be incorporated for higher levels of feedback. Key employee and client testimonials may be added for more validity. Screen captures display work in action. On location interviews with dramatic backgrounds can also showcase information more effectively. .

Most all of these techniques can be displayed in around 3 minutes, which is just about the length of the average person's attention span these days. The key is to make the videos long enough to offer all of the intended information, while still retaining interest.

Videos can be distributed to accelerate levels of social media integration more efficiently. In-studio and mobile services make corporate videos more accessible than ever. That is why using videos as a marketing tool has been determined to be one of the fastest growing marketing trends for interactive media.

As one of the more effective forms of communication available today, more traditional ad agencies and companies are moving toward using interactive video technologies. Corporate video services can develop visual messages that enhance company image, placing it far ahead of the competition. Because of this, video marketing solutions are expected to continue to expand exponentially.

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