How To Find In Demand Topics For Your Online Business

I remember when I first got into the internet marketing arena that I was stumped on how to find In demand topics and products to sell.

I mean where do you start?

I was scared that I would choose the wrong market and make absolutely no money. Talk about feeling overwhelmed. But until you choose something you will never know and you will make nothing !

It stands to reason that the more interest there is in a topic the more likely you'll be able to sell stuff!

So the two questions that you have got to ask yourself are :

1. How & Where can I find ideas and topics that are in demand NOW ?
2. How can I judge demand or interest towards an idea ?

Well the good news is that there are a number of ways to find these topics and judge what the demand is. Interested? thought you might be ! read on..

I have put together my top FIVE resources that I use to assess a market or idea. Here we go :


Most people have heard of clickbank, but in case you haven't it is one of the world's largest marketplace for digital downloaded products in every conceivable market you can think of with the added benefit that you can become an affiliate and promote them !

When you land on the homepage, along the top there is a tab called "marketplace", click on this and select your chosen niche that you are thinking of going into.

For the purposes of this article lets use "weight loss" Then go to "sort results by" click on popularity and hey presto it gives you the best selling in that category. How cool is that ! Focus on the top 10 for ideas.


This site needs no introduction ! If you haven't heard of these guys you must have been living under a rock !

Head over to the Books section let's take our example of weight loss, enter this keyword in and it will list and rank in order of popularity the books and subjects within this niche that are CURRENTLY SELLING and what people are buying right now.


Put into a normal google search your niche eg. Weight loss as in above example.

Now, pay special attention to the first results page and the PAID ads that are normally listed on the first three results and on the right hand side.

If people are paying for these ads to get onto page 1 of google, they must be selling well and making money. Take note of the types of products listed.


Go to the three most popular article directories goarticles dot com, ezinearticles dot com & isnare dot com and in each case look at articles in your targeted niche and pay attention to the "most viewed".

This will give you a good idea of the specific topics within your niche that are popular and being viewed daily right now !


Take the words of your targeted niche again for example "weight loss" and concentrate on the videos with the most views. However focus on the videos that show how to do something or how to fix or solve a problem. That way you are tapping into people's questions and concerns.

So there you have it simple and obvious really ! but people get far to bogged down and overwhelmed at this stage. Once you are armed with the information above you are already ahead of most of your competitors who just "guess".

Take these steps and identify niches within a market OR to see what interest there might be in a new product idea that you have.

By doing this research upfront will stack the odds in your favour and help your business take off from the start saving many lost hours scratching your head and saving money on products people don't actually want.

I'm a family man based in the UK with a passion for helping people find ways to work from home using the internet and escape the rat race. Check out my FREE 22 page report at


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