Google Plus Local Search Optimization: A Key Web Marketing Tactic

Google Plus Local has changed the way Google manages business listings into a single user experience. Check out Google's new answer to local search by clicking on the "Local" button in the left navigation bar of Google Plus. Google introduced Google Plus Local in May 2012 on their official blog and mentioned that more redesigning is in the works. Learn more about why your business needs to have a Google Plus Local page for effective web marketing.

What Is Google Plus Local?

Google Plus Local replaces Google Places as local search business listings integrated with and connected to the Google search engine, Google Maps, mobile phones and the Google Plus social network. With a new and more streamlined layout, Google Plus Local places emphasis on photos and reviews, and can be considered a more social version of Google Places. Users can easily hold discussions about your business and recommend you to friends for better web marketing.

Google Places is still available, but all Google Places content has been automatically transferred over to Google Plus Local for local search results. Google is also planning to merge or link Google Plus Local with Google Plus Business pages in the future, so all of your business information and local web marketing will be in one place. It's worthwhile for you to get your company on board with a Google Plus Local profile to have better control over your branding and to be ready for more changes to come.

Web Marketing with Google Plus Local Search Optimization

As with Google Places, Google Plus Local is your company's secret to reaching the top of search engine results, which means plenty more exposure for your business with limited web marketing effort. Since your Google Plus Local page is ranked separately from your website, you can even beat competitors and large companies who haven't probably optimized their Google Plus Local page or who are farther away from the Internet user.

Your page could show up in local search results not only for people actively searching for companies in the area, but also for mobile users who are automatically served local search results based on mobile GPS information that Google uses.

Since your page is more likely to be seen, control your web marketing presence in local search results by editing your Google Plus Local page. Include accurate contact and business information, and attract customers with vibrant visuals for your cover photo and profile image.

Reviews also factor into your search engine ranking. By obtaining more reviews more frequently, your position in local search results will naturally increase. Google Plus Local will especially benefit restaurants as Google has implemented Zagat restaurant reviews into the local search pages.

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