He Broke My Heart, Help Me Sell My Diamond

As the days of the last ten months rushed by my time was filled with work, planning and praying. My wedding day was in just one more month. The past few months have not been the happiest, they should have been. I’ve always heard that planning a wedding is stressful but the happiest days of your life. As the bride planning out your dream wedding, oh the joys. Wow, was I in for a ride, now I need to sell my diamond.

The ring he gave me is the best thing I have out of this relationship. The one thing he did right, he spent three months salary on my gorgeous 1.5-carat emerald shaped diamond solitaire incased in an antique styled platinum band and now it’s time to sell my diamond. His loss will be my gain.

How do you go about selling your diamond? I’ve researched different avenues to sell my diamond. I can sell the diamond out of the setting as a loose diamond. In this case I could then sell the diamond on my own or I can sell the diamond to a jeweler or even to a diamond broker. Another way to sell your diamond is to sell it as a second hand ring. In this avenue I can sell it myself through Ebay, Craigslist, list it with a classifieds paper or I can sell to a jeweler or pawnshop.

Before you can sell a diamond, you need to have an appraisal to know the true worth. This will give you the information to help get the most of the diamond. You can get an appraisal from a local jeweler or a gemologist. This is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you want to get top dollar for your diamond. This description will help you to gauge the value and how much it may be worth on the market at this time.

Choosing to use a jeweler or pawn shop is another option, but you will not be able get top dollar for a diamond if you take this route. If you aren’t in a huge financial bind and you can afford to take some time in the quest to sell your diamond, you can certainly try a variety of options and see where you get the best price.

If you have a broken heart and a leftover ring, don’t just let it sit in a jewelry box forever to bring back those terrible memories every time you see it. You can make the choice to sell your diamond and at least make a little extra money and get rid of the sad reminder that the old engagement ring has left behind.

Austin Diamond District works with people everyday who need to sell a diamond and want to get the best price. Visit AustinDiamondDistrict.com and contact a representative for help. Tell the friendly staff, “I want to sell my diamond!” and they will walk you through the process step-by-step.


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