Understanding The Composition Of 18k Gold Wedding Bands

18k gold wedding bands are one of the popularly sold categories of jewelry in recent times. Gold jewelry is not a new thing to us. The metal is ruling the entire world from the ancient times. This metal is always considered as an auspicious and wealth bringing metal. Birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, be it any occasion, it does not become complete without gold ornaments. This is the value of the metal.

As a wedding ceremony is the most auspicious occasion in one’s life, 18K gold wedding bands are an ultimate choice for that matter. While there are many other metals like platinum, silver and titanium, there is no other metal that can beat gold jewelry as of now. Let us look into some of the important aspects of 18K gold wedding bands.

Pure gold is available as 24 karats. There are several features attributed to gold in its purest form. It is malleable and shines brighter. It is non allergenic and does not get tarnished quickly. However, the only problem with 24 karat gold jewelry is that it is very soft and tender. Because of this tenderness, jewelers cannot create complex models or designs. To overcome this issue, jewelers mix certain alloys to make the metal harder and stronger.

There are different colors of gold resulted due to the mixing of different metals. Copper is used for yellow gold, silver and palladium for white gold and nickel and iron for rose gold. Of all these compositions, 18k gold wedding bands are a perfect combination.

Gold jewelry is measured in the form of karats. The purest form is counted as 24K and 18K gold wedding bands contain 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of alloys. Similarly, 14k gold jewelry contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of alloys. The percentage of gold content in the wedding jewelry determines the price of the jewelry. While the purest form of gold is tender and soft, adding more content of alloys makes it harder and whiter.

The color of gold jewelry changes with that alloy composition. For this reason, 18k gold wedding bands are the perfect composition wherein the metal is hard enough to create enticing models, radiant enough to entice people and cost effective to be affordable to everyone. That is why you see thousands of styles and designs within this category of jewelry. 14k jewelry is another great category and often people cannot decide between  wedding bands.


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