Mediating a Fight - What to Do When You're Stuck in the Middle

Imagine you get punched in your face for no fault of your own. Well, this could be what  happens when you involve yourself in fights as a mediator. In fact, it will not be surprising at all if you are beaten black and blue by both the parties.

This is the reason why you need to deal such situations in a smart way. Ensure that you don’t have to get to such an extent wherein someone raises their hands upon you. It is better to sideline yourself in case you sense such a situation.

Perhaps, you should have the knack of vanishing through thin air in case nothing is working in your favor. No one wants to take the blame on oneself during a heated argument that results in a big fight.

The role of mediators is a task cutover whenever there is a physical brawl occurring in the vicinity. Having a word or two with everyone involved will work out during the initial stages.

In fact, that’s the best moment during which you can pacify any person without actually aggravating the situation. Possessing experience in dealing with such kind of situations during the previous instances will help you a lot whenever you are at the receiving end.

Mediating between two people who are at loggerheads is not that easy. Leave along separating them, you will be given almost no space to get involved. It is another thing in case you possess a stronger personality than the one you are mediating for.

People will listen to you at least becoming afraid of your personality. Now, the situation will be totally risky in case you have an urgent work. If you are mediating a fight even if you have an interview scheduled, then it is better to forget the interview as the fight is something that’s not going to finish soon.

Hence, there are some situations wherein you have to give more priority for your personal needs. Getting involved too much in street fights will do no good for you. In contrast, you might even receive some physical bruises.

It is one situation that you might experience commonly while you get involved in fights between your relatives. It is a strange situation for you being a mediator to determine who is right and who is wrong. Forget determining the aspect of noble thing as you need to stop the fight first.

If nothing is working out your way in the middle of a fight, then you might prefer shouting loudly so that a sudden silence could prevail. You can start negotiating between both the persons involved in a fight.

Perhaps, this might prove to be a clever idea in handling any situation better. Controlling the entire situation is something that brings your best mediating skills to the fore. If you would like to try something unusual, then be prepared to get few blows. The sign of a good mediator is to handle the situation in a better way rather than worsening it.


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