Countertops: It's All in the Details

Countertops provide an important contribution to the personality of your kitchen. With the help of so many open concept floor plans, countertops often help blend the kitchen with adjoining living spaces. That is why you have to choose the right countertop for your kitchen.

There are a wide variety of countertops available today. The differences are created by using different materials and the way each countertop is made. This article reviews a number of popular countertop choices.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Countertops

You need to consider the role of your countertop, before you going to your local kitchen and bath store and reviewing the many varieties available. What is great about the trends in kitchen cabinets and countertops is that they don't have to all be the same! It's now normal to mix different cabinet styles and countertops.

• The style of your home and kitchen must compliment on the new countertops.

• Consider your decorating styles when picking your countertops. For instance, granite, marble and wood are more customary while recycled glass and concrete are more creative and fashionable.

• You should also think about the focal point of your kitchen. Do you want new countertops to be a focal point, or play a more subdued task and integrate other kitchen features?

• Your lifestyle also matters like picking a countertop that's kid friendly. It's also good to consider the maintenance requirements of countertops so you'll love yours for years.

• If you are committed to green building, there are some countertops that are made from recycled materials, like glass countertops and some solid countertops that use recycled paper, particle board and other materials.

• Consider your budget as countertops range in price from $5/sq ft (tile) to $150/sq ft (marble).

Top Materials Used in Today's Countertops

The table on Home Tips 4 Women: Countertops provides a useful review about the materials, color choices, kid friendliness, maintenance, green and its price. The table will help you focus on the best solution for your kitchen.

If you're a serious cook or baker, search the internet for the consumer ratings on the usage and the impacts like cutting, stains, heat and abrasion on different countertop materials . Remember, you can also use several materials like marble for a baking center, butcher block for food prep and a different material for other activities. When you have spare time, try to research the strengths and weaknesses these countertops may have.

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