Quick Tips for Caring For Your Trees

No matter if they're small or large, new or old, fruit or not, your trees need a lot of care to keep them in tip top condition. Without appropriate care trees can get diseases with can be fatal, and as many trees live for centuries, you'll want to make sure your tree stays in good condition for future generations! A regular maintenance program is vital, but you don't have to do this yourself, you can get a specialist in to do this for you.

To keep your trees looking their best, they'll need regular inspections (once-twice a year) as well as regular care of mulching, pruning and fertilizing. Getting a specialist tree surgeon in regularly also means that they can spot the first signs of disease and treat it before it gets out of hand, spreads to other trees, or even kills the tree it has targeted.

When pruning your tree you could do it yourself if the tree is small enough, in which case make sure you do it when the tree is dormant (November - February). Pruning is done to improve the tree's structure, or to get rid of dead or diseased branches. You should never remove a branch unless you have a reason. Don't over-prune, especially with leaves, as this reduces photosynthesis and therefore reduces and slows down growth.

Make sure you use mulch and fertilizer regularly to keep your trees and the soil their roots are in in the best condition possible. Mulching is important as it reduces environmental stress, and fertilizer provides the tree with vital nutrients in order to grow properly. To stop you tree from getting a disease, always make sure you collect and dispose of any leaves that fall around the bottom of the tree. If you leave them they will decay, grow fungi and then the fungi will infect the tree. You can also use fungicides and other chemicals to prevent diseases from taking hold.

If your tree already has a disease or you think it may have one, then it's best to get a professional tree surgeon in as they will be able to identify the disease and then discuss with you the next course of action. They may suggest a natural method, or they may suggest that chemicals have to be used to combat the disease. The moment you think a tree has a disease, contact a professional, because if you leave it many diseases are fatal to trees.

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