Diseased Trees Need An Appointment With A Tree Surgeon

Diseases affecting trees and plants are on the rise. They come from all over the world and infect trees in so many different ways. Some diseases aren't easy to spot whereas others take years to slowly kill the tree. Tree surgeons are trained to detect diseased trees and plants and can advise the best treatments.

Knowing What Symptoms To Look For

The best time to look for diseased trees is in late winter. This is because it's easier to detect symptoms of infected wood before the leaves are formed. One of the most common diseases in the UK is the Oak Processionary moth. It is slowly destroying Oak trees across all of Britain. The moth weakens the bark making it more susceptible to other pests and diseases. Symptoms include black spots covering the bark and branches.

Giving Your Tree A Trim Is All It Needs

Trees are like all other plants and need to be nurtured regularly to stay healthy. Pruning trees is an easy and effective way of revitalizing your trees growth. Pruning only needs to be done twice a year as trees grow slowly. This also helps treat any trees that may be diseased but with symptoms that are difficult to spot. Trimming the old branches gives the tree a new lust for life!

Don't Forget To Check Your Leaves!

The leaves on tress are a great way of detecting infection. The usual giveaways are the size of the leaves which when affected can be a lot smaller and are of a pale yellow colour. They can also turn a rusty brown colour when a tree is infected. Another clue is a less dense bloom of leaves across the whole tree. If more branches are bare it usually means a tree is diseased. Consulting tree surgeons means you will get the best advice on treating your tree.

How To Treat An Unwell Tree

Trees never die of old age - only by disease, wildlife or by people. Consulting a tree surgeon means they will be able to diagnose the problem with your tree, and the ways to treat it. This includes pruning infected branches or at times, felling the tree. Although this may seem severe as it can take years for the diseased tree to die, infections can spread from tree to tree and whole gardens can end up being infected if the source is not treated or removed.

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