How To Become a Tree Surgeon

Picture this: birds singing, the sun beating down and the smell of freshly mowed grass. Welcome to the office of a tree surgeon. Working outside can be one of the most rewarding jobs - and most beautiful. And being a tree surgeon means you get to work closely with nature. There are many ways to become a successful tree surgeon - read on for some helpful tips.

What Do Tree Surgeons Need To Know?

There are many skills that a tree surgeon must have. Not only are they hired for felling trees, but also for pruning, planting, log removal as well as advice. It's important to know factual information about all aspects of trees and plants. This will allow you to diagnose any trees or plants that are diseased, as well as giving accurate advice.

Study, Study And More Study!

It's possible to become a tree surgeon without any qualifications. Working with a professional is a great way to gain experience. However payment is usually poor when an individual is working without any qualifications. There are a number of different certifications and accreditation certificates which can be achieved alongside work experience. Contacting the Arboricultural Association is best for more information.

Tree Surgeons Key Responsibilities

The most important thing a tree surgeon is responsible for is the health and safety of themselves and the people around them. Following correct procedures will ensure the work is carried out safely and effectively. It's important to remember to always keep your workstation clear. This refers to wherever you are tending to trees and includes removing logs and any other waste. It's a good idea to always have valid insurance documents ready for inspection by any customer.

It's Dangerous, But Someone's Got To Do It

Logging is considered the second most dangerous job, falling behind deep sea fishing. Certain elements from the logging occupation fall under the same category as tree surgery. The tools used are extremely powerful and must be used only with correct protection and under strict instruction. There are other risks, such as falling from a tree or being in the line of direction when a tree falls. Similarly, it is strenuous work and can leave individuals with long term health risks.

Getting Hired

The majority of tree surgeon companies are entrepreneurial or family-run and so tend to remain quite small. Applying for apprenticeships with smaller companies is a great way to gain experience on the job, but also have the opportunity to get a job at the end of the apprenticeship.

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