Benefits For The Disabled in the UK

If you are disabled we know that it can be difficult to go about your day-to-day to life and this can be made worse by the fact you may be unable to earn money. This can drive you into debt and this is why the government are doing all they can to make sure life is as easy as possible for the disabled.

The government offer various allowances and benefits to help the disabled live easier and generally this is measured by how you are suffering due to the disability. This means your claim is more personalized and this can benefit you. The most common allowance from the government is the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) which is designed to make sure the normal tasks are made easier with the aid of carers and other aids. People are normally classified under this allowance into three brackets and the money that you receive will vary.

The minimum that you will receive is £20.55 per week and the maximum is £131.50. These benefits are put into a low, middle and high brackets and this depends on the amount of care that you need. The low bracket starts at £20.55 and this money is meant to cover irregular care that is not often as well as meals and this is the simplest benefit. The middle bracket starts at £51.85 and this is meant to cover frequent help and constant supervision as well as the normal meals and this can come in very helpful. Then the highest bracket starts at £77.45 which covers people that are terminally ill and need constant care.

Mobility benefits are also available and this starts from £20.55 and finishes at £54.05. This benefit is meant to help people get around in public more and if you only need slight guidance outdoors then you are likely to get the lower end of the benefits. However if you have severe mobility problems and you have problems walking then you are likely to receive the higher end of the benefits and this will help you. This benefit can help with the cost of taxis or mobility scooters and other forms of transport. People that need this assistance generally appreciate it and value it because it benefits them and it could do the same for you.

As of next year the government are making big changes to the benefit system so if you are about to claim for your disability allowance then you probably need to do some research. The biggest change is for claimants aged between 16 and 24 who will have their allowances changed from DLA to Personal Independent Payment (PIP). This is meant to tackle the common misconception that the disability that you have will change what benefits you receive. The aim of these benefits is to make sure people know that the benefits they are receiving will depend on how your disability affects you not what disability you have. This is because the severity of some conditions can change how you live your life and it may not be fair for someone to get the same benefits as another when one can live their life normally and the other cannot.

Local authorities and the government can also offer you grants so that you can make changes to your property so you can be comfortable in your home. This is very important because everyone has to be happy at home. The grants can cover the modifications like the widening of doors, installation of ramps, installing a stairlift and even the installation of a downstairs bathroom.

All of the benefits available are there to help you and next year there will be a cap introduced to stop people claiming too much as this can be the case with some people. But this will not affect you if you are claiming correctly because the government still want you to live easily.

Oakland Stairlifts aided the production of this article by providing information to Chetan Wallace as he wrote it. This meant that he was able to write with confidence about assistive technology like stairlifts and wheelchairs.


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